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Hugh Grant Reveals His Son 'Stabbed Himself In The Face' With A Pen During Homeschooling Incident -- WHAT?!

Hugh Grant says his son stabbed himself in the face with a pen while being home-schooled! Whoa!

Hugh Grant has revealed something particularly disturbing about his son, who is being home-schooled right now during the COVID-19 pandemic and while the actor films a movie out in Turkey.

The 60-year-old A-list superstar, who has five children, opened up about his kid’s tough time during a SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations at Home interview with his Music And Lyrics co-star Drew Barrymore. And to hear Hugh tell it, we’re honestly not sure what to make of this one…

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After a long conversation about acting and Hugh’s noteworthy career, he and Drew get on the subject of family and children, and the Notting Hill actor tells her all about the schooling challenges created by the pandemic.

At one point, he says (below):

“Well now that there’s COVID, and they can’t go to school in London, anyways, we might as well home school them. I’ve rented two teenagers to come and homeschool them [here in Turkey while Grant films his next project]. Poor things, they don’t know what’s hit them. Ghastly … My son self-harmed himself in front of this young tutor today because he couldn’t do a basic bit of arithmetic. So he stabbed himself in the face with a Biro. A difficult situation for the young man.”

Wait, what?!

It’s doubly noteworthy too because after he said it, Hugh laughed — and Drew kept a smile on her face, too. It was a confusing moment, to say the least. Concerning, for sure; we know how frustrating it can be to change up schooling tactics and be forced to stay at home, which is something that all kids around the world have been facing for the better part of a year.

Still, it was definitely a little strange to see Hugh laugh in the aftermath of telling the story about his son (he never named which one it was). And then for Drew to just change the subject. Honestly not quite sure what to make of that, other than to say we hope there’s been no serious physical or mental harm done!

You can watch the whole thing go down in this interview (below), starting at about the 23-minute mark:

Wow… Again, not quite sure how to react to that.

It’s really interesting, then, because later on in this same interview, Hugh readily admits how great his life is now that he’s become a father! The notorious playboy-turned-doting dad added (below):

“Of course, as you know, I’m a miserable-ist. It’s a hobby. But, the awful cliché, all those terrible people who said to me all those years, ‘Hugh, you’re going to have kids and they are going to change your life.’ I used to say, ‘oh, piss off.’ Actually, it turns out they were right. It’s really nice. It’s made me a much happier, much nicer person, and actually maybe a bit better actor as well. I can do emotion now in a way I couldn’t do it in the past.”

Wow! That’s nice to hear!

Thoughts about the stabbing thing, though, Perezcious readers? It’s tough to know how to react to something like that — and it doesn’t totally appear Barrymore knew how to take it, either. It’s something serious, but then there’s that laugh, and the light-hearted convo… So strange!

What’s your take on it?? Sound off down in the comments (below).

[Image via WENN/Instar]

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