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Bryan Kohberger's Lawyer Claims OTHER Men's DNA Was Found At Idaho Murder House, Too!

Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Defense DNA Other Men

If you’ve been following the University of Idaho murders like we have, you’re probably wondering what the hell kind of defense is going to be on offer when the trial begins in October.

The police got so much evidence on Bryan Kohberger — video of his car leaving the area, phone data showing he seemed to be following the victims around, social media evidence showing he was watching and reaching out to the girls online. And of course there was the DNA found on a knife sheath the killer left at the scene — DNA which was first matched genealogically to Kohberger’s father and now to him specifically.

It seems like an open-and-shut case. But he pleaded not guilty. How could he possibly plan to fight the four murder charges? We’re finally getting our first insight, thanks to what the defense team wrote late last week.

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In the court filing on Thursday, Jay Logsdon from the public defender’s office, working under Anne Taylor, argued:

“There is no connection between Mr. Kohberger and the victims.”

Well, no connection in that he didn’t personally know Maddie MogenKaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin in any normal way. He wasn’t their classmate or their friend. But the prosecution has a lot of evidence to show he knew of them. Besides, we don’t think anyone is going to argue this was a crime with a traditional motive like jealousy or revenge or anything. We’re talking about a brutal spree killing. But the defense did try to poke two holes in the prosecution’s case — and we think you’ll agree they’re both quite inneresting…

First, their response to the big DNA news last week? They’re pointing out that Bryan Kohberger’s wasn’t the only DNA found in the victims’ house! Yes, in the filing they bake the bombshell claim that “by December 17, 2022, lab analysts were aware of two additional males’ DNA within the house where the deceased were located.” They say one of the two men’s DNA was inside the house, and another’s was on a glove found on the ground outside. Huh. That is something. The defense hinted:

“To this date, the Defense is unaware of what sort of testing, if any, was conducted on these samples other than the STR DNA profiles.”

They’re implying the one source of DNA was targeted? Since that’s the one they used genealogy testing on? That’s probably true, but to be fair… it was found on a KNIFE SHEATH.

Look, we already know Kaylee, Xana, and the rest lived in a bit of a party house. There are multiple noise complaints from neighbors on record, there are even bodycam videos of the girls interacting with cops about it. So OF COURSE there’s DNA from other men in the house. Not being gross about it, but college kids leave their DNA around. Just not usually on murder weapon accessories. The other point made in the filing is an honest-to-goodness shocker. The defense is pointing to a lack of evidence we didn’t realize:

“There is no explanation for the total lack of DNA evidence from the victims in Mr. Kohberger’s apartment, office, home, or vehicle.”

Sorry, what??

After all those search warrants, the hair and blood reportedly found at Kohberger’s residence and in his car, none of that was matched to the victims? Damn. That is a blow to the district attorney’s case.

What do YOU think about this new evidence, Perezcious readers? Will it be the beginning of massive holes the defense is able to tear into the case against Kohberger? Holes big enough for reasonable doubt to fit through?

[Image via Law & Crime Network/YouTube/Xana Kernodle/Instagram.]

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Jun 26, 2023 16:14pm PDT

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