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Inside Travis Kelce & Patrick Mahomes' 'Scaled Down' Chiefs Dinner After Shooting

Inside Travis Kelce & Patrick Mahomes' 'Scaled Down' Chiefs Dinner After Shooting

Insiders are speaking out about what really went down during Patrick Mahomes‘ controversial party!

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and his pal Travis Kelce were slammed online after they were spotted heading into a party hours after the heartbreaking Super Bowl parade shooting on Wednesday that killed one person and left dozens more injured. Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend had been captured posing for pics with cops outside a bar, making many folks furious the NFL stars were seemingly ignoring the tragedy altogether.

But on Friday a source told it wasn’t a wild bash like some speculated, but a small gathering for friends and family to celebrate the NFL victory. Most team members didn’t even attend!

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Per the source, the group included Patrick’s wife Brittany, punter Tommy Townsend, center Creed Humphrey, tight end Matt Bushman and his wife Emily, and a few other family members. Mahomes rented out Granfalloon Restaurant and Bar with the intention it was only going to include a few players and their families — not be some rowdy rager. Clapping back at the hate, one confidant urged:

“The bar was closed for a private event — not a party.”

Also, Patrick made adjustments to the gathering following the tragedy — and the team’s attendance at the bar was super encouraging to the staff. The source continued:

“It was a small number of the players, including Travis and Patrick, with their wives and other family members. They were here for a couple of hours, and they helped to cheer up the staff and keep their minds off what happened. It had all been planned out in advance, initially it was meant to be bigger but it got scaled down.”

Sounds like they were trying to be respectful — even if the optics continue to be iffy. Also, Travis and Patrick both signed a jersey in the restaurant, which was filled with Chiefs memorabilia. Very kind!

Check out a look inside the event (below):

While many have blasted the team, plenty have defended them as well. After all, it’s not like they could do much in the moment for those injured in the shooting. The local children’s hospital treating the dozen or so underage victims released a statement saying the “players have been extremely supportive.” They implied they’d allow the players to visit when it was more appropriate for the patients.

And of course, Travis’ famous girlfriend did what she could from around the world. Taylor Swift donated $100,000 to the family of the poor woman who was killed. While they did go ahead with their private celebration of their victory, saying they’re ignoring the shooting is seeming more and more unfair.

Do you think this get-together was still problematic? Let us know (below)!

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