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Travis Kelce & Patrick Mahomes Slammed For Continuing To Party After Kansas City Parade Shooting

Travis Kelce & Patrick Mahomes Slammed For Continuing To Celebrate Night Of KC Parade Shooting

Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs are getting called out online after it was revealed they went partying shortly after the Kansas City shooting.

As we’ve covered, right after the Super Bowl victory parade wrapped up on Wednesday afternoon, a shooting broke out in the area. It was a personal dispute and wasn’t meant to be a mass shooting, apparently, but that’s what it became. One person was killed and at least 21 were shot, half of whom were children. An absolute tragedy on what should’ve been a celebratory day for the whole city. But as it turns out, not all the players stopped partying after the devastation.

Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend was captured on camera that evening posing with cops outside a bar, a beer already in hand. He flashed a peace sign and a large grin for the camera while wearing a red tracksuit before heading into the venue, where TMZ discovered Patrick and several other players were gathering for the evening.

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Several sources told the outlet on Thursday that Mahomes had rented out the Granfalloon Restaurant and Bar for the night, an idea he got shortly after the big win on Sunday. It’s unclear which other players were in attendance, but it was clearly meant to be a time for them all to come together in a more private setting and truly take in the win. Cops were on the scene for crowd control, and Trav was kind enough to pose for pics when they asked, insiders noted. See (below):

Unfortunately, the boys are now being called out for the poorly timed party! After the photo of the tight end surfaced on X (Twitter), critics complained:

“Kelce was so distraught that he went out for beers after the shooting”

“Travis Kelce seen in a bar having a beer after parade shooting adds to his continued success as being an incredible a**hole.”

“Did Travis got to the hospital? No he went to a bar with a beer in hand.”


We get it’s a bad look with so much suffering, but at the same time, what were they supposed to do? Heading to the hospital as the doctors were handling so many sensitive cases at once would’ve been wildly inappropriate. Maybe it would have been better to postpone, sure, but it’s not like they were trying to bring attention to the gathering. It was a private event to honor a victory they deserved to celebrate!

Also, who’s to say this event didn’t serve as a chance for them to process the tragedy? We’re sure they’re all rattled! They were in the area when it happened! Also, Travis and Patrick have shared heartfelt messages following the shooting, so it’s not like they were ignoring what happened. We have no doubt the team will do something to give back to their community and honor those impacted by the violence — probably go visit the kids who were shot, too! Just, you know, when the time is right.

It’s complicated, that’s for sure. And those in KC deserve to feel however they feel about it. But sadly, it’s just a reminder that shootings have become all too common in our country. They happen every day now, so people really can’t stop living their lives afterward.

Thoughts? Do you think it was disrespectful to continue with the party plans after the incident? Tell us (below)!

[Image via NFL on NBC/NFL on ESPN/YouTube]

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