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Just Married Alt-Right Leader BANNED From Feminist Dating App Bumble After Twitter User Exposes Profile Tied To His Facebook Account!

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Jack Posobiec claims this is a frame job, but is he really just the worst person in every way?
The alt-right leader — whose name you may have heard recently when Donald Trump was caught retweeting his B.S. — isn’t just seen as a racist. He’s now dealing with reports that call him a POS cheater, too!
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The conspiracy theorist (who helped promote the insane Pizzagate conspiracy that got a family pizza parlor shot up) was reportedly found on Bumble of all places.
A user of the female-empowerment dating app spotted the infamous far-right “political operative” and posted his profile pics on Twitter, asking if Bumble was now the place where “white nationalists/nazis go to cheat on their wives”:

It wasn’t long before Bumble actually messaged Lindsey to ask for more info!
She posted their speedy message as well:

She then sent them links to detailed descriptions of his activities, such as this one on Media Matters:

(But like most far-right clowns, you can find plenty of evidence of him bragging about his dumb exploits online.)
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After doing their easy homework, Bumble banned the profile of a hatemonger (they’re apparently better about that kind of thing than Twitter):

Posobiec, who just got married in November, claims to never have had a Bumble account. He says this is part of a smear campaign against him. Yet he does admit being alt-right. Weird.

His “hot Eastern European wife” (his words), Tanya Tay Posobiec, whom he says he met during Bible study in 2015, is also defending him:

Bumble, however, confirmed to Buzzfeed that the account was connected to Jack’s Facebook account. They also noted that the dating account hadn’t been active since 2016.
So it looks like he didn’t try to cheat on his pregnant wife, just on his girlfriend who would eventually become his pregnant wife? Regardless, it’s safe to say Jack — and anyone claiming to be Jack — is forever banned from the site. So brava, Bumble!
Oh. Did we mention he’s the guy reportedly behind that “Rape Melania” sign?
[Image via Twitter.]

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