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Vanderpump Rules Chooses To Question James Kennedy's Sexuality During Gay Pride Episode!

james kennedy sexuality vanderpump rules
Los Angeles Pride had the SURvers questioning James Kennedy‘s sexuality — and it was uncomfortable to watch.
For starters, for an episode all about celebrating the LGBTQ community, it was kind of homophobic of the Vanderpump Rules producers to edit a storyline questioning Lisa Vanderpump‘s controversial DJ’s sexuality. Not to mention, the Bravo hit has always been very supportive of bromances on the program, so the narrative seemed very off brand.
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We mean, just take a look at Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval‘s relationship!! Regardless, this was one of the main plot points from Monday night’s showing of VPR. So let’s dive in…
James appeared to be overcompensating quite a bit when it came to his “supermodel” girlfriend Raquel Leviss. During lunch with pals Logan Noh and Lala Kent, Kennedy not-so-subtly bragged about giving his lady a drawer in his apartment as she was (sort of) moving in.
After consuming QUITE a bit to drink, James humblebragged:

“I get to go to bed with a sexy, brunette supermodel every night. Are you excited for me that I’m happy in a relationship?”

Logan muttered his response and Lala seemed relatively tuned out from this update from James. Thus, the sensitive Bravolebrity immediately went on the attack. After asking his friends if they have a problem with his beauty queen love, Miz Kent tried to diffuse the drama by joking about some pasta they stole (or were offered, that point wasn’t really clarified) from Raquel.
She quipped:

“Honey, did you not see them at you’re fucking See You Next Tuesday? We ate all her pasta, and she didn’t give us permission.”

This resulted in James calling Lala a “bitch” and insulting her “fat fucking man”. He also claimed Kent’s boyfriend, recently divorced producer Randall Emmett, pays her rent and would likely move “on to the next young, pretty blonde.” Not cool, bro.
If Lala has taught us anything — NEVER come for her man. Although, we’re grateful James did, as it allowed Lala to read her BFF to filth. The 27-year-old clapped back with:

“You know what? You can’t say whatever the fuck you want. Learn your fucking place, motherfucker, or else you’re gonna learn real goddamn quick when you look next to you and I’m not there anymore. You’re gonna be real fucking upset. So know how the fuck to talk to somebody when they’re your friend. I’m out.”

Thankfully, Logan convinced James to chase after to Lala to apologize. Amid James’ shrieks about how it’s “NOT ABOUT THE PASTA,” Lala defended that she was simply joking. Nothing was really resolved as the reality TV starlet popped into her Range Rover and drove off. (They later made up at SUR).
James’ personal drama picked up later at SUR’s Pride party. In an attempt to balance out the queer baiting happening in the episode, producers made sure transgender hostess Billie Lee had the floor to give a speech about her journey. While we see right through what the Bravo team did, we’re not so annoyed as Lee is a treasure and should get more screen time.
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Billie had a sweet chat with coworker Jax Taylor, who had previously seemed less than enthused to be working Pride. However, Jax’s ally moment was tarnished when he weighed in on James and Logan’s maybe-not-platonic relationship. In a confessional, Taylor pondered:

“Watching James and Logan interact for like two seconds, I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know, it’s weird. I just don’t know who’s the top and who’s the bottom.”

*Eye roll* To be fair though, as James and Logan got drunker, they were extremely handsy and affectionate with one another. But, again, sexuality is a spectrum — who are we to judge???
The one person who IS allowed to judge is Kennedy’s girlfriend!! And it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Logan is a man, the issue is that James was pretty much flirting right in front of Raquel. Watch it go down (below).

If looks could kill, Logan would’ve been buried underneath those purple chairs. Smh.
This love triangle dramz isn’t close to being over as a preview for next week showed Jax informing James that Logan has been telling people they’re “hooking up.” Oof.
Other highlights from the episode include Scheana Marie still whining about a rumor involving (now ex) Rob Valletta that no really cares about, the Witches of WeHo plotting to breakup Jax and Brittany Cartwright, and a boys’ trip to a meditation den.
For more Vanderpump Rules drama be sure to catch the show when it airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.
[Image via Bravo.]

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