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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah Just Accused One Co-Star Of Calling Her Son The 'N Word'!!

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah Just Accused Co-Star Of Using Racial Slur Against Son

Trouble in the Housewives universe, and this time it’s pretty shocking…

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah took to Instagram Monday to allege some pretty big claims regarding some things an unnamed co-star said, and we’re honestly left a bit speechless. In an IG story, which Jen captioned, “Let’s play…Who did that?! #RHOSLC Edition,” she listed six claims about another cast member — and it has us wondering who exactly the culprit was! We’re talking shocking accusations like use of the N-word, a shady conservative agenda, and more jaw-dropping, mic-dropping reveals!

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The convicted fraudster started off with this:

“Donated to ‘Ted Cruz for president’ campaign four times.”

That’s pretty demanding in and of itself…  Four times?? We get it! Next on the list was:

“Said there are ‘different types of Black people’ … For example, ‘Black people from Compton are different from Black people from Salt Lake City’ (Note… My husband is from Compton).”

Ok, this one is pretty crazy… That seems reminiscent of a mentality that aims to separate and divide the population based on prejudice rather than just seeing people for who they are, and using geographic location to rank and compare individuals?? Disgusting. Next up:

“Said ‘Omg you look just like Moana from the Disney movie. Your people have the coolest hair; can I touch it?’”

“Your people” ??? Come one, that’s just blatantly disrespectful. And to ask if she could touch her hair? This is a common thing people of color, particularly Black individuals, experience at the hands of White peers, which works to trivialize and degrade these important ethnic traits. But the accusations just kept getting worse, as number four alleged:

“Told me I should not talk about my mental health on the show or say I use medication for my depression bcuz [sic] it will be used against me.”

Wow, seriously who is this person?! To try and paint mental health struggles in a bad light and reduce them to something that will just bring negative attention seriously degrades their importance. Possibly the most shocking of all on her numbered countdown??

“Called my son the ‘N’ word.”

How detached from reality do you have to be to think it’s acceptable to use this sort of language, and towards someone’s kid, at that! It wasn’t made clear which of her two sons the anonymous Bravo star was talking about — 28-year-old Sharrieff Jr. or 19-year-old Omar, but either way it’s completely unacceptable! Lastly was this:

“Said ‘Not to be racist or anything, but I like the big black one best.'”

This one is out of context as we don’t specifically know what exactly was being referred to here, but it’s clear how the language this person used is problematic. See the full post (below):

Jen Shah Alleges Co-Star Said Racist Remakrs
(c)Jen Shah/Instagram

Jen also revealed in an additional story post that she’s “got receipts.” As for who it could be, the show follows the 48-year-old, in addition to Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, and Whitney Rose. It also formerly starred Mary Cosby and Jennie Nguyen (who was actually fired from the series after an uncovering of allegedly racist social media messages). We guess maybe all the legal trouble Jen has been facing lately made her eager to air out the dirty laundry of others as well, so to speak!

But what are your thoughts on her claims, Perezcious readers? If you had to guess who said these things, who would you pin it on? Bravo must be dying to know — we can’t imagine they wouldn’t want to give this housewife the ax! Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Images via Bravo, E! Entertainment & Up and Adam!/YouTube]

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