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Jennifer Lopez Realized MASSIVE Parenting Fail During Quarantine!

jennifer lopez parenting mistakes quarantine

Being stuck in quarantine has really changed all of our perspectives — including Jennifer Lopez, who apparently realized she was failing as a parent!

In an interview with WSJ released Wednesday, the Grammy nominee spoke candidly about her quarantine, revealing her children took issue with her constant absence due to her hectic work schedule.

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She shared:

“I actually loved being home and having dinner with the kids every night, which I hadn’t done in probably — ever. And the kids kind of expressed to me, like, the parts that they were fine with about our lives and the parts they weren’t fine with.”

Uh oh.

Sounds like some real serious conversation around that dinner table! These talks, however, provided J.Lo with a truer glimpse into what was happening at home — a perspective she never could’ve gleamed while traveling the world on tour and spending time on movie sets. Quarantine has some benefits after all!

The dancer added: 

“You thought you were doing OK, but you’re rushing around and you’re working and they’re going to school and we’re all on our devices. We’re providing this awesome life for them, but at the same time, they need us. They need us in a different way. We have to slow down and we have to connect more. And, you know, I don’t want to miss things.”

Well, we’re glad to hear that — if nothing else — Jenny From The Block has gotten some quality time in with her twins, Max and Emme, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony. And we can’t forget her blended family, too, which includes fiancé Alex Rodriguez and his two children, Ella and Natasha, from his previous marriage to Cynthia Scurtis.

Speaking of A-Rod, wedding bells were just around the corner for these two lovebirds — the only real holdup is COVID! 

A source told Us in April:

“J.Lo wants to marry A-Rod shortly after things go back to normal. She wants to marry him and celebrate their love in front of her family and close friends.”

Ugh, well, guess we’ll have to wait a little longer before seeing what we’re sure will be a BEAUTIFUL and glitzy wedding!

Until things return to normal, Lopez is enjoying some quality time with her kiddos — and has recognized how precious the little moments are. She recently accepted the Icon Award at the People’s Choice Awards and said during her acceptance speech:

“I feel like everybody aged, like, three years during this pandemic. I watched them [her kids] go from kind of young and naive to really, like, grown-ups to me now. When did this happen? They’re not our babies anymore. They’ve been given a dose of the real world, with the knowledge that things can be taken away from you and life is going to happen no matter what.”

With uncertainty still lingering in the air about coronavirus, one positive thing is for sure: while people may be “rapidly” aging, time also seems to be slowing down, too — giving parents like Lopez another opportunity to watch their kids grow up.

[Image via WENN/Nicky Nelson/J.Lo Instagram]

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