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'I Like A Real Man': Jerry Seinfeld Says He Misses 'Dominant Masculinity' In Society -- And Promptly Gets DOMINATED Online!

Jerry Seinfeld Misses 'Dominant Masculinity' In Society

Jerry Seinfeld is at it again.

On the Honestly with Bari Weiss podcast this week, the comedian talked about the new film he directed and starred in, Unfrosted, a spoof about the launch of Pop-Tarts in the ’60s. When host Bari Weiss wondered if he had some sort of “nostalgia for this time,” Jerry had a lot of eyebrow-raising thoughts on the matter!

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He bemoaned in the episode about the loss of an “agreed-upon hierarchy” in society. Yeah, we’re not kidding. He said:

“I think it is the key element and that is an agreed-upon hierarchy, which I think is absolutely vaporized in today’s moment. I think that is why people lean on the horn and drive in the crazy way that they drive because we have no sense of hierarchy, and as humans, we don’t really feel comfortable like that.”

Who would be on top in that “agreed-upon hierarchy”? Men, obviously! And his comments continue to get worse. The Seinfeld star went on to express how much he likes what he considers to be “a real man”:

“If you want to talk about nostalgia, that is what I think makes that moment attractive looking back. And the other thing is, as a man. I’ve always wanted to be a real man. I’ve never made it. I really thought when I was in that era, again, it was [John F. Kennedy], it was Muhammad Ali, it was Sean Connery, Howard Cosell, you can go all the way down there. [I thought,] ’That’s a real man, I want to be like that someday.’ Well, now, I never really grew up — I mean you don’t want to as a comedian because it’s a childish pursuit.”

Sean Connery who infamously said it was OK to hit a woman as long as it wasn’t with a closed fist. THAT kind of real man. Cool. Jerry then went further, saying he ultimately misses “a dominant masculinity” in modern society, adding:

“Yeah, I get the toxic thing. But still, I like a real man.”

Just so much wrong with everything he said. Watch the podcast interview (below):

As you can expect, PLENTY of people had a LOT to say about Jerry’s comments on social media. Check out the X (Twitter) reactions (below):

“Nothing says frail male ego like talking about ‘dominant masculinity’ this way”

“Agreed upon hierarchy? So he dug racism and sexism?”

“A rich white male wishing for things to go back 60 years back to time when he had even more power and control. Gross gross gross.”

“Maybe the weirdest guy to say this. Your whole thing is liking comic books and breakfast cereal, what are you TALKING about?”

“The guy who complains about the little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces wants real men to return”

“curious where grooming a 17 year old girl as a 38 year old man fits into his definition of dominant masculinity”

“Something about “Jerry Seinfeld” and “dominant masculinity” in the same sentence is hilarious to me. Also, he likes adolescent girls, so…”

“I like letting people be who they are authentically. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“it’s impressive that jerry seinfeld isn’t particularly relevant in the public eye anymore yet still manages to consistently worsen everyone’s opinion of him every time he opens his mouth. it’s like watching the forgotten cheese in the back of your fridge go moldy in real time”

“Seinfeld sadly joins a long line of aging celebrities who instead of expanding their horizons and embracing change are terrified by it and use their power and privilege to attack anything that makes them slightly uncomfortable. Alas. Predictable. And not manly.”

As one person on X joked:

What’s the deal with all these washed up has-beens?”

What are YOUR reactions to the podcast, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via The Free Press/YouTube, MEGA/WENN]

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