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Jerry Springer's WILDEST Moments On TV!

Jerry Springer Wildest Moments

We didn’t see this coming, but it turns out we’re saying goodbye to Jerry Springer today…

The daytime TV legend passed away at his home in Chicago on Thursday after a brief illness. His publicist confirmed to NBC News later that it was pancreatic cancer. He did so much in his life, but 79 years still feels young to us. A real blow…

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But we’ll always have our memories — and in fact when it comes to Jerry Springer, we’re talking about TV moments you will never forget. Not even if you wanted to! LOLz!

In honor of The Ringmaster himself, ch-ch-check out our list of just a few of the WILDEST moments ever on Jerry Springer’s televised circus (below):

Jerry Confronts The KKK

We sometimes hear news stations who give a platform to white supremacists saying it’s just to expose them, that “sunlight is the best disinfectant.” But they don’t hold these people’s feet to the fire. Not like Jerry. In a total baller move, the host didn’t just let other guests beat up the KKK members in this classic 1997 moment — he took them down himself with the simplest argument ever!

But, you know, enjoy watching the physical fight when the Jewish Defense League were invited onstage to join them, too! You can find it HERE!

The Original Catfish

We all know the term “catfish” now, but in the early days of the internet, this was a HUGE SHOCK to the guy meeting his online crush. Don’t feel bad for him though, he was talking to her behind his girlfriend’s back!

Mother/Daughter Dominatrix Duo

2012 audiences were shocked to meet this mother-daughter team of S&M experts! Remember, this was the same year 50 Shades of Grey took the world by storm — folks were horrified, but also… very curious as it turns out…

I Married A Horse

In 2004, Jerry brought on a Missouri farmer named Mark who was having trouble with the neighbors accepting his wife. He then introduced the audience to the Mrs. — a horse named Pixel. When asked about the marital bed, the zoophile explained that they have sex — but it isn’t anything tawdry:

“As far as sex goes, we make love. We don’t fool around on each other.”


It turns out Jerry was just as shocked and horrified as the audience! He explained to Meredith Vieira years later how he never knew the crazy secrets the guests were going to reveal, so his reaction could be as genuine as the audience’s. And this time, he had such a hard time wrapping his head around it

“I’m thinking that his wife fell off the horse! You don’t think, ‘oh that’s his wife.’ So I’m going, ‘Oh god someone check backstage!'”


The 70-LB Baby…

In 1996 Jerry met — and held — Zack Strenkert, a 70-lb infant! The child, who suffered from something called Simpson Golabi Behmel Syndrome, an overactive growing disorder, returned two decades later — and it turns out he’s living a really normal life! He’s still a HUGE guy, though!

[Image via The Jerry Springer Show/YouTube.]

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