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Jessica Biel Stands Behind Justin Timberlake After His Heartfelt Instagram Apology

Jessica Biel stands behind Justin Timberlake after his apology

We’ll be the first to tell you people deserve a second chance. Jessica Biel clearly shares that viewpoint, and she’s not afraid to publicly support her hubby!

On February 12, Justin Timberlake took to Instagram in light of recent memories raised to the surface by The New York Times Presents episode discussing Britney Spears. The mention of Justin is very brief, especially compared to everything else we see in Framing Britney, but the doc does touch on the pop singer’s relationship with JT, and how he may have — in part, anyway — contributed to her eventual mental health break.

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Timberlake must’ve heard the message loud and clear, and he publicly apologized to both Britney and Janet Jackson (read more about that here). As we mentioned on our podcast, we aren’t sure whether the former NSYNC member crafted his lengthy IG post or had a team writing the words. Either way, it’s a big step for him, and he is clearly putting in an effort to help change a system that tends to benefit white males.

Biel instantly commented on the his IG post to show her solidarity. She wrote:

I love you. ❤️
Three little words that say so much.
The couple, who have been together on and off for 13 years, have seen their fair share of issues. Like, for instance, the 2019 debacle with photos of Justin and Palmer costar Alisha Wainwright holding hands during a night out together. Though Justin later claimed he drank too much and also issued an apology to his friends and family for what he called embarrassing behavior, it still obviously had to have hurt his relationship with Jessica.
Even so, they seem to be standing strong in 2k21 — and we’re glad to see that Justin’s embracing how things are beginning to change in the music industry.
He also isn’t the only person apologizing.
One of the things Framing Britney made crystal clear was that Spears became the butt of every joke across media in general. Like the scene where they show a Family Feud episode asking all the things Britney lost — and “her mind” was one of the answers (ugh, so sad).
Sarah Silverman took to her own podcast on February to offer up her own apology. She spoke out for remarks she previously made about Britney and her kids. The comedian said:
“Britney, I am so sorry. I feel terribly if I hurt you or added to the s**t storm you were going through. I could say I was just doing my job but that feels very Nuremberg Trial-ie. And I am responsible for what comes out of my mouth. So I am sorry to all, I really am.”

To catch her full apology, ch-ch-check it out below:

What do you all think? Should Jessica stand by her husband or should she have added more to the conversation?

Annnnd is Silverman the first of many celebrities who owe Britney an apology?!

Sound off in the comments below!

[Image via Instar/WENN & Jessica Biel/Instagram]

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