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Jillian Michaels Hints Her Biggest Loser Scandal Was Just A Way To Bring Back Ruben Studdard!

jillian michaels ruben studdard biggest loser scandal
Jillian Michaels does NOT like to be messed with, or thrown under the bus! We mean, nobody does — but she’s not gonna just sit on the beach and take it!
It all started when producers accused Jillian of breaking the rules because she gave her team caffeine pills without permission, though they’re allowed to have an UNLIMITED amount of coffee while on the ranch — and now Jillian has hinted on Twitter that she feels like it was a ploy to throw her under the bus… for a way to get Ruben Studdard back in the ranch, as he had been previously given the boot!
One viewer tweeted to her that she was:

“being used to bring a famous contestant back.”

And Jillian responded:

“You’re spot on.”

Ruben was booted off the week before, but Michaels gave the caffeine supplements to her team, so the results were deemed unfair. Everyone began thinking conspiracy, mostly because Ruben is the famous contestant!
Here’s what another booted contestant had to say about it:

“I don’t see Ruben coming back as being a ploy or anything, it was just about being fair. It just so happened to be Ruben at the time. Ruben’s a great friend of mine, and production decided that the person that was eliminated the week before should be brought back to ensure the contest was fair to all contestants, and that’s exactly what they did.”

While it all seems pretty convenient, we think everyone is still missing the main point of the show — it ISN’T the contest, it’s helping people learn and understand the tools to help them get healthier. Bringing someone back should create less of a cry of conspiracy, and more of a cry of how fantastic it is that Ruben can work on his health some more, with the help anyone in his situation would need!
On the show itself, Jillian said this instead of an apology:

“I stand by my opinion. A caffeine supplement is significantly healthier than unlimited amounts of coffee.”

We wonder if we’ll ever know the truth!
Maybe someday!
Good luck to EVERYONE on the show, regardless of the game! Your health is the real prize!
[Image via Mitchell Zachs/WENN, Inset via DJDM.]

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Nov 14, 2013 20:31pm PDT