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Justin Timberlake's VERY Young Arresting Officer Known For Strict Enforcement Of Driving Laws! Um... Good?

Justin Timberlake DWI Arrest Cop Strict Hamptons

Is this the work of Justin Timberlake‘s PR team??

While his legal team has already pledged to fight the DWI charges after his shocking arrest, someone seems to be working overtime to help his case in the court of public opinion. And they’re taking a page straight from the Trump playbook…

As you probably heard, JT was pulled over in the Hamptons after running a stop sign and swerving. He appeared drunk to the officers, admitted he had a cocktail, and failed the field sobriety test — he was reportedly swaying and his speech was slow. And refusing the breathalyzer was the final straw — he was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

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Seems pretty straightforward, right? But what if you could make all the facts and evidence not matter by attacking the system prosecuting you? Or, in this case, the young cop who didn’t know who the hell you were??

OK, so by now we’ve all heard about how the arresting officer was really young and didn’t recognize Justin. Per reports, the *NSYNC alum muttered, “This is going to ruin the tour,” and the cop asked, “What tour?” To which JT infamously spat back:

“The world tour!”

There are already a couple hundred hilarious memes about it. Anyway, that young Sag Harbor cop who didn’t have the pop culture context for who Justin Timberlake is? Apparently he’s like that with all the locals, too!

A little investigative report popped up on over the weekend in which that cop was called out by folks in the area as being just too darn hard on crime!

The officer’s name is Michael Arkinson (above, left), and he turns 24 years old this month. He’s only been on the force three months, but that’s been enough time to piss off some of the entitled folks who live in the Hamptons. Per the outlet’s sources, Arkinson is known as “the Sag Harbor Nazi” and “little red-headed dips**t.” Sag Harbor, keepin’ it classy.

A writer named Spencer told the outlet he made an illegal u-turn the first time he got pulled over by Arkinson:

“I was surprised he pulled me over. It was off season, and no one was around. It was a d**khead move. I felt like he pulled me over just for the sake of doing it.”

He was let go with a “warning” though. But wouldn’t you know it, the next time he wasn’t! This time he got pulled over for being on his cell phone while driving:

“I explained to him that I was on speaker and I was just holding my phone, but he told me I should have been using a Bluetooth. I thought he would give me a break, and I was driving less than 25mph trying to get to the Y in East Hampton.”

Instead of a warning this time, Spencer got a $145 ticket, which he still has not paid. He complained:

“It really interrupted my workout, and lunch plans.”

These people really have no idea how they sound, do they? Anyway, Spencer really feels for alleged drunk driver Justin Timberlake. He told the outlet:

“I think Justin Timberlake was a victim of over-aggressive Sag Harbor police.”

Uh huh. There are over 10,000 deaths caused by drinking and driving every year. But really this kid was being an “over-aggressive” “nazi” for pulling over a car he saw swerving into the other lane. Uh huh.

Look, there are obviously a lot of stories of cops being overzealous. Way, way too many stories of police brutality, power trips, etc. This doesn’t sound like that to us. If there’s one thing we’d like police to do more to prevent, it’s drunk driving. These kinds of arrests are saving lives. And defending those who drive under the influence is a really weird take to us.

Oh, and btw? Arkinson apparently tried to let Justin off with a warning, even not knowing who the hell he was. A law enforcement source came forward this weekend saying JT was pulled over twice — and offered the chance to have someone sober come and drive him. He chose not to. Hmm.

Does all this sound “over-aggressive” to anyone? Both folks we’ve heard of him pulling over were given a warning the first time. Seems pretty clementine, tbh.

So is this a real problem for the prosecution of JT? Or are the Can’t Stop The Feeling singer’s team trying to dig up dirt to put the system on trial? What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Mike Arkinson/Instagram/MEGA/WENN.]

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