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Here's What Justin Timberlake Told Cops Before DWI Arrest!

Justin Timberlake Told Cops DWI

We have more details on Justin Timberlake‘s shocking DWI arrest — and exactly how he tried to talk his way out of it!

If you haven’t heard, the Suit & Tie singer was busted on Long Island’s Sag Harbor after running a stop sign. Apparently he had been partying at a hotel there with friends and decided to leave — despite having been drinking! Police say he drove through a stop sign and was swerving a lot, so they pulled him over.

The cops performed a field sobriety test and tried to follow that with the breathalyzer. We’ve already heard from his lawyer that he was automatically charged because he “refused the breath test.” We’re guessing they think that looks better PR-wise if there’s not proof he had too much to drink. Hmm.

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But what exactly did JT tell these cops when they asked?? According to NBC New York 4, who obtained the criminal complaint against JT, he said:

“I had one martini and I followed my friends home.”

But the cops weren’t buying it. They said he was unsteady and his speech was slowed. They also noted his “bloodshot and glassy” eyes and the strong smell of alcohol on his breath. He also “performed poorly on all standardized field sobriety tests.”

So yeah, even JT’s movie star charisma wasn’t going to get him out of the breathalyzer with those factors. So when he refused, they arrested him. They also noted he refused three times over the next 40 minutes to do a chemical test of his blood alcohol content. Because he had a single martini and was just extra worried? Right…

We’ve already heard the arrest was all captured on police bodycam. We guess we’ll get a better idea if their description of JT matches his version of events soon enough…

[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube.]

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Jun 18, 2024 12:14pm PDT

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