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Mugshot Reveals Yoga Teacher's New Face After Allegedly Getting Plastic Surgery To Escape Murder Investigation

Kaitlin Armstrong sports a new face in recent mugshot

Kaitlin Armstrong pulled out all the stops to avoid getting caught by police — including a stop at the plastic surgeon!

As we reported, the 34-year-old yoga teacher was arrested in Costa Rica for the death of cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson after spending six weeks on the run. She was brought back to the US on July 2, and looked unrecognizable to authorities who had seen earlier photos of her.

As you can see in her latest mugshot (above, right), Armstrong looks visibly different. Not only did she change up her hairstyle while at large in the Central American country, she reportedly went under the knife, too.

Deputy US Marshal Brendan Filla revealed at a press conference the yogi had “significantly changed her appearance,” explaining that she darkened her hair and cut it to about “shoulder length.” Filla went on to say he was told the fugitive had a bandage “over her nose area where she had claimed she had gotten into a surf accident recently,” adding that she “had blood in her nostrils.”

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Zachary Paulsen, who reportedly witnessed Armstrong’s arrest, claimed two passports were found in a locker: Armstrong’s own and one belonging to her sister, Christine. Moreover, Inside Edition reported that a $6,350 receipt for cosmetic surgery under another name was found in the locker with the two passports.

Armstrong was initially interviewed by police on May 12, a day after Wilson was found dead. An affidavit reveals the suspect neither denied nor confirmed the evidence that her vehicle was spotted at the scene of the crime.

She was released from the interview due to a technicality: a discrepancy with her date of birth in the police department’s computer system. Austin police issued a warrant for Armstrong’s arrest on May 17, but by then she had already fled Austin and en route to Costa Rica.

Police believe Armstrong snapped when found out her boyfriend, cyclist Colin Strickland, was having a tryst with Wilson, and allegedly shot Wilson multiple times in a jealous rage when the 25-year-old was in Austin for a cycling contest. Per the affidavit, Wilson was found “lying on the bathroom floor covered in blood.” There were multiple fired cartridge cases on the floor near her body; however, a firearm wasn’t immediately found.

Armstrong was arrested at a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach in Provincia de Puntarenas on June 29. She’s now set for trial at a US court, where she faces a murder charge.

[Image via US Marshals/Harris County Sheriff’s Office]

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