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Kanye West Apparently Hosted His OWN Party For Chicago After He 'Created This Narrative' With Issues At Kim's Bash

Kanye West Hosts His Own Party For Chicago After He 'Created This Narrative' With Issues At Kim's Bash

Chicago West‘s 4th birthday party was pretty dramatic for a while — but now it appears as though everything might be OK?

As we’ve been reporting, Kim Kardashian threw a big bash for the toddler over the weekend, only for estranged husband Kanye West to loudly and publicly proclaim he was barred from attending.

Ye’s attendance at the event quickly got sorted out, and social media snaps showed him calmly talking with Kris Jenner on scene at one point, but not before some major drama unfolded on social media.

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The 44-year-old rapper responded by hosting his own bash for Chicago, too! But insiders are coming forward to suggest there is more to this tale! One source spoke to Page Six about Kimye’s fractured relationship and Chicago’s party, explaining it was always planned for the rapper to host his own event for his daughter after Kim’s turn:

“He was always having his own party for Chicago. He had it at 4 p.m. at his office downtown [in Los Angeles] that he planned, so it’s so frustrating he crashed Kim’s party and created this narrative that he wasn’t invited. … It has nothing to do with co-parenting or the kids, but his feelings with not being able to control her any longer.”

That last sentence! Wow! It appears there are far deeper issues than just a birthday party going on here… Another insider claimed Kim was “shocked” when Kanye first levied the allegations that he “wasn’t allowed to know where her party was” in that aforementioned dramatic social media video.

That source confirmed the other insider’s statement regarding the long-standing plan for two parties for Chicago:

“That always was the plan, that he would have them at that time [4:oo p.m.]. And he took the kids from the noon party to his.”

So no wonder it was “news to Kim,” as the source revealed, that Ye would so publicly claim otherwise! That same insider dished info about some of Kanye’s apparent absences at other recent family events, strongly suggesting Kim’s frustration with the whole deal:

“Kanye didn’t show up to Chicago’s birthday last year, nor did he show up to Psalm’s last year. He also didn’t send Christmas gifts or show up on Christmas Day.”

Yikes… But even through it all, the insider tells Page Six, Kim continues to make an effort:

“She has never gotten in the way of allowing him to see his kids and makes every effort to give him full access to them. Kim has made every effort to invite and include Kanye for every event. Outside of the ones he didn’t attend. He did show up for North and Saint’s birthday. She made sure the kids gave him a gift for Father’s Day, his birthday and Christmas.”


The insiders who spoke out are definitely very pro-Kim, but they still were adamant that the KUWTK star has made every effort to keep things smooth while Kanye has been busy talking s**t to her new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

One of the sources ultimately explained the dynamic:

“Even though he threatened Pete in a song and attacked Kim in the media with lies that only hurt their kids and family, she once again took the high road and allowed him to be with the kids [on Saturday] which she does every single time regardless how he treats her.”

Considering what we’ve been reporting about Ye coming around and nearly running into Pete, maybe taking the high road is honestly for the best. Clearly, there is a TON of tension here. What do U think of the situation, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Dan Jackman/WENN/Avalon]

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