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Kathy Hilton Finally Explains Why She Had To Wear A Tablecloth Home From A Restaurant This Week!

Kathy Hilton Finally Explains Why She Had To Wear A Tablecloth Home From A Restaurant

Kathy Hilton created a whole new meaning to couture this week!

In case you missed it, the 62-year-old The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dined at the West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s on Wednesday night with friends Faye Resnick and Elliot Mintz, where she sported a pink plaid mini dress.

However, when she left she was wearing an entirely different ensemble — of the makeshift kind. And we’re not talking about throwing on an oversized t-shirt and calling it a dress here. Hilton actually exited the establishment rocking a white tablecloth that was twisted into a halter neckline and paired with red heels and a clutch. Take a look at the lewk HERE.

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As for the original outfit, when asked about what happened to it, Entertainment Tonight said the two pals joked to paparazzi that she was wearing a look from “Galliano” and “Vera, not Wang.” Mintz was seen clearly carrying the folded up dress when leaving; he told photographers only that “so much has happened” before adding:

“We had a great night. … She changed her dress, that’s all.”

But… why a tablecloth?! We mean, it is definitely creative and looked good, considering,but you would think with Kathy being a celeb, she’d have someone just come and drop off a new ‘fit if something happened. So what gives?

Thankfully, after getting tons of questions about “the dealio” on the impromptu switch-up, she hopped on Instagram Live on Thursday “to spill the tea” for her followers. In the video, the reality star explained that she was attending the Christmas in September charity event with her daughters Nicky and Paris Hilton at the Abbey in West Hollywood where she got a little overheated in her wool-lined pink plaid dress:

“It ended up being an incredibly large turnout, which was unbelievable, it was overwhelming, it was very exciting — it was crowded. It was so hot, and I was on stage actually participating for two hours in the auction and I was roasting and roasting and roasting … I was roasting! I didn’t have a chance to have a Coca-Cola, water, wine or anything, or anything to eat, because we were busy selling and selling and selling and raising money.”

Oof, that was a big mistake! A wool dress is definitely not appropriate for a hot day in El Lay! After the event, Hilton met up with her friend Vera (not Wang, got it!) for dinner where she fashioned a new dress out of a tablecloth so she didn’t have to wear the wool number anymore:

“The air conditioning was up so high that I went in, and I had to take my dress off. She brought in this table cloth — see, there’s makeup on here — because she took the table cloth…and she made it like it was a sarong. … I’m very resourceful. She’s very resourceful…It was either that or Hunky Dory would have to go home. What can I tell you? I didn’t have my fan with me.”

It definitely was a look! Ch-ch-check out how the two made the tablecloth masterpiece in this handy video guide (below):

Now you know how if you’re ever in dire need!

Thoughts on Kathy’s makeshift outfit? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN, Kathy Hilton/Instagram]

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