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Here's Why Kelly Ripa Quit Drinking!

Kelly Ripa quit drinking Ryan Seacrest

Kelly Ripa is living her best life all because she’s finally been able to embrace having a co-host that she loves: Ryan Seacrest. And it sounds like their great relationship on-air is doing amazing things for the 49-year-old woman’s personal life and overall health, too!

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This all came about on Monday’s episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan, where the pair was opining about how there’d been a recent drop in wine sales across America. Shocked by the news, Ripa delivered a perfect self-deprecating quip about the dip, saying (below):

“I believe this is because I quit drinking, that I caused this dip.”


Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa has long done her thing on early morning TV… and she’s darn good at it, too! / (c) Patricia Schlein/WENN

Interesting that Kelly would open up about giving up alcohol. Seacrest himself picked up on it, and added a comment into the mix, noting his arrival on the daytime TV mainstay:

“I started the show [in 2017] and she quit drinking, what does that tell you? I don’t know. Is that good or bad?”

“It’s amazing,” Ripa replied, nearly before he could even get the line out.

Love it!!!

Great Chemistry Since Day One

Back in 2017 when Seacrest first joined Live!, it was pretty clear things were going to work almost immediately. The two hosts had chemistry with each other, getting along great on-air and off, and they both said wonderful things about each other at the time if you’ll recall.

Speaking to ET way back then about his initial impression of Kelly, Seacrest noted things had already progressed quickly with their rapport, saying:

“I’m actually, genuinely excited to see [Kelly] every morning. I know in the past, sometimes you didn’t say hi before you go on the air… I like to say hi before we go on the air. We don’t talk about too much, but I still give you a little more than hi.”

Well then!

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And the daytime TV mainstay doubled down with her own take on the pairing, speaking glowingly of Ryan as a person both on-camera and behind the scenes, too:

“Ryan is exactly who he is, off-camera and on — sincere and genuine and authentic with every person.”

That’s really about all you can ask for, isn’t it?!

So happy these two on-air hosts found each other to be so perfect in a professional setting like this… and even more happy that it’s apparently turned into better health and happy days for Kelly as she gets through her big-time job every morning! So great!

[Image via WENN/Instar]

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