Kevin Spacey ‘Touches And Feels Anyone He Wants To’ — According To New House Of Cards Accusations!

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The production from hell…

In a new report published on Monday, BuzzFeed News interviewed more than a dozen House Of Cards crew members regarding Kevin Spacey‘s “uncomfortable and unprofessional” behavior on set.

Five of those sources corroborate reports that the American Beauty actor was highly inappropriate towards young male staffers.

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According to a high-level insider who worked on the earlier seasons of the Netflix hit:

“He would be on set and he would make tons of jokes at young boys’ expense about them in flirtatious ways… If it was wanted attention, it would still be inappropriate, because you’re making flirtatious comments in front of a group of 150 people; ‘Come sit on my lap, you know you want to’ ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ not to a gay man, but to a young, pretty-looking guy. That happened all the time.”‘

The source adds:

“He touches and feels anyone he wants to.”

A longtime crew member says everyone knew about the 58-year-old’s unprofessional demeanor.

“They knew about his behavior toward younger men specifically on set… They were all watching at video village and they see behavior on camera and off camera that was uncomfortable and unprofessional. Unprofessional for a set, to be honest.”

According to a source who worked on the show during its second season, Spacey would allegedly invite coworkers into his trailer.

“He told me that if Kevin asks you to play video games in his trailer, you have to bring someone with you… I didn’t even need to ask any more.”

And if you say no, you might even be fired.

An individual who worked on HoC for a few days claims a “repeatedly harassed” production assistant was terminated after he refused to go on the actor’s boat.

When the PA was asked about his departure, he sent a text (below) and eventually stopped communicating with BuzzFeed News altogether:

“My lawyers told me to wait to hear from them before I talk to anyone. I apologize. Maybe tomorrow.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time staffers have spoken out against the disgraced star.

As we reported, on Thursday, CNN released an article where one former production assistant says the actor put his hand down the PA’s pants.

In response to the story, production company Media Rights Capital confirmed a 2012 incident where “someone on the crew shared a complaint about a specific remark and gesture made by Kevin Spacey.”

The season two source claims the show’s creator Beau Willimon knew about the alleged assault involving the PA.

“They all knew what was going on… The PA who got assaulted? Everyone knew. That’s what upset me so much is seeing Beau and all these other people deny it.”

Late October, Willimon says he never witnessed any inappropriate behavior in his time with Spacey.

According to the crew member source:

“I saw that Beau said he had no idea, which I know is completely false… They had production meetings about Spacey’s flirtatious behavior toward crew and cast, and it never made it any further than that. It was like a joke.”

Truly a devastating situation…

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Nov 6, 2017 6:12pm PST

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