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Christine Quinn Claims Her Ex Planted Recording Devices, Trashed Their LA Home, & Is In Hiding To Avoid Being Served Temporary Restraining Order!

Christine Quinn Claims Her Ex Planted Recording Devices, Trashed Their LA Home, & Is In Hiding To Avoid Being Served Temporary Restraining Order!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Christine Quinn wants her restraining order against estranged husband Christian Dumontet to be expedited after he has allegedly become unresponsive — and she’s worried that super shady s**t is going on!

The Selling Sunset alum filed an alternative service request for her restraining order in court back on Monday of this week, per new docs obtained on Thursday by Us Weekly. In the docs, the 35-year-old mom accuses Dumontet of “evasion” in the service of her domestic violence restraining order, which was initially granted back in March. But there was originally a two-day delay in granting the order — and that, she now claims, allowed her entrepreneur ex “sufficient time and notice to successfully evade service of the order.” Whoa!

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According to Quinn’s new filing, since he has allegedly not seen or received the TRO, he can “violate it repeatedly” without consequences. She wants to keep him away from their son Christian, and out of their El Lay home. But she can’t physically serve him the TRO to do that, she alleges. And furthermore, his lawyer supposedly hasn’t been forthright about his whereabouts, either!

Quinn believes that her estranged husband is hiding out at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, where he is staying in a room under an alias. She claims he was last seen in public almost exactly a month ago, too — on March 27. In the docs, she stated:

“Due to my public image, [he] and I have taken additional security precautions when staying at hotels previously, such as checking in under pseudonyms or booking blocks of rooms to evade detection. I believe [Christian] could be employing these methods, or even paying the hotel, to conceal his location.”

And she continued:

“Although I was very grateful my request for protection was granted, I was extremely concerned that … he would make every attempt to evade service. My counsel assisted me in retaining a private investigator to have [him] personally served promptly, although I feared locating him would already be an impossible task.”

And it gets worse!! Christine claims that she tried to ask Christian’s lawyers for assistance in locating him. However, she was supposedly “continually barred” from gaining access to him. Things got so bad, she alleges, that one of Christian’s attorneys used security guards to even physically block her from entering her own house! WTF!! She wrote:

“As I approached the property, Mr. Villicana [the security] insisted he was hired and permitted to surveil and occupy the property as directed by [Christian], in direct violation of the TRO. The confrontation with Mr. Villicana lasted approximately seven minutes, escalated in intensity and would have continued, however, my two hired employees arrived at the property to assist me. Mr. Villicana made several threatening remarks while lurking around including, ‘I will be seeing you again’ and ‘I’m not going anywhere.'”

And then, Christian’s team allegedly trashed the house!! She claims the home was “intentionally left in a hazardous, filthy and unlivable condition” by Christian’s henchmen. Docs obtained by E! News further state the house was allegedly “ransacked by a complete stranger” who was hired by Christian while Christine was away in Dallas visiting family with the express purpose to keep watch over it — and her. She concluded:

“I believe the home was completely trashed so that I would be unable to occupy the residence with my son.”

After walking through the home to inspect it, the Selling Sunset alum claims to have found multiple Apple AirTags stashed inside the place, as well as several battery-operated cameras. She alleged they were “hidden all throughout the residence” presumably to monitor her surreptitiously. So creepy!! And there’s more! She included:

“Most disturbingly, my underwear had been taken from my drawer and were strewn on top of the bed in the master bedroom.”


Oh, and Christian’s team allegedly stole her cappuccino maker to take to his client in his hiding spot, too. Can’t have that! She wrapped things up by claiming that she and her son “remain in grave danger everyday,” and that she needs the TRO pushed through ASAP because:

“I cannot risk losing this protection, and therefore time is of the essence.”

As for Christian, earlier this week, he posted this (below) to Instagram. It is a set of geographical coordinates that would appear to correspond to a spot near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and 73rd Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan:

Dumontet’s lawyer also spoke to E! News about the filing. Attorney Alexandra Kazarian denied that her client was “locked” in a hotel room anonymously and begged Quinn to accept “the inevitability of what was a very bland end to a two-and-a-half-year made for TV marriage.” Oof. Kazarian continued:

“Ms. Quinn’s penchant for making unhinged and unfounded accusations against Mr. Dumontet is more than annoying. She has wasted Christian’s time, the LAPD’s time and most of all the Court’s time in a desperate attempt to get his attention.”

FWIW, E! News also claims that Quinn’s quickie request to expedite the TRO push has since been DENIED, per court records. So, evidently a judge didn’t feel her claims were up to snuff! Wow!! And so, the drama continues… Reactions, y’all??

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, help is available. Consider calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, or text START to 88788, or go to

If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to

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