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Kim Kardashian's Son Saint West Has No Chill! Watch Her Scold Him For Doing THIS!!

Kim Kardashian scolds Saint West on Instagram Live video and Jimmy Fallon interview

Kim Kardashian is enjoying the wonders of parenting trying to keep her kids calm, cool, and collected!

The 41-year-old reality TV star’s two boys — 6-year-old Saint and 3-year-old Psalm — drew all the attention this week after going wild in an Instagram Live video their momma had been trying to post for her fans! Honestly, we can’t help but laugh. So it goes being a mom sometimes!!

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On Tuesday, Kim was caught on IG Live disciplining the oldest of the two after the 6-year-old yelled some inappropriate things to the KUWTK alum’s online followers.

It all started in the backseat of a car, after Kim hit record on a selfie-style video and asked her boys to say hi to the camera. Pete Davidson‘s girlfriend was polite enough to start, saying:

“Say hi! This is called Instagram Live.”

Saint was clearly in a rambunctious mood, though! Bouncing around in and out of the frame, he yelled a less-than-ideal greeting to viewers:

“Hi, weirdos!”

Oh no!

Immediately, Kim wasn’t feeling it, and she quickly turned and scolded Kanye West‘s son for the comment:

“Hey, stop it!”

Psalm started to talk to the camera a bit at that point, but by then, Saint was all in! Almost immediately, the energetic boy bounced back into sight of the camera and dropped another shocking line! (Well, shocking for a 6-year-old! LOLz!) While grinning, Saint said:

“If you’re watching this, I hate you!”

Oh damn! That escalated quickly. Ha!! The Selfish author was growing even more frustrated by him at that point. Turning once again away from the camera and to her unruly child, Kim said:

“Hey! Saint!”

She then referenced Psalm seated next to her, adding:

“Look what you’re teaching him.”

And yet despite misbehaving for the camera, Saint was clearly ready to go to bat for his little brother! The older bro grabbed Psalm by the shoulders and counseled his famous momma about the little dude:

“This is a good boy! This is a good boy!”

Well, yeah, Psalm didn’t call anyone a weirdo!! But yeah, that part was pretty cute. Later in the clip, as the boys began chanting about Pokémon, Kim pointed out a toy store they were passing on the drive. Trying to explain the actions-consequences pipeline to Saint, the SKIMS founder said:

“That’s something you’re not gonna see because you are saying bad things.”

Gotta teach ’em one way or another, right?! Ch-ch-check out the video (below):

Too funny!

BTW, that wasn’t the only unfortunate moment for Saint and Psalm on Tuesday!

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The SKKN By Kim mogul had to discipline the duo during her turn on Jimmy Fallon‘s late-night show on the very same day!

Kim was in the interview seat on The Tonight Show right in the middle of her discussion with Fallon when the host interrupted her abruptly and said this:

“I’m hearing kids.”

Kim whipped her head around immediately and turned to her two sons, who were seated off to the side of the audience. Trying to remain composed, she said:

“Guys, can you stop? This is, like, your first time at work with me. Can you please?”

The miffed momma counseled the duo that they were “making so much noise” while seated off to the side, and warned them to stop so that they didn’t “mess this up.”

Eventually, Psalm had to be pulled out of the audience. Saint thankfully quieted down and watched his momma complete her work — much to the delight of Fallon, who joked later in the interview that he needed Saint’s “help” chatting with his world-famous mom! Ha!

Ch-ch-check out that full interview (below), with Kim’s kids taking center stage beginning at about the 1:15 mark:

So funny! Something tells us Kim may not be bringing her sons to work too many more times. At least not until they get a little bit older! Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube]

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