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Kim Kardashian Spent Her Birthday With Her Kids -- And HATED IT!!

Kim Kardashian Spent Birthday With Her Kids – And HATED IT!!

Kim Kardashian is really losing patience with her kids!

In Thursday’s brand-new episode of The Kardashians, the mother of four complained about having a terrible 43rd birthday back in October. Oh, no! But that’s because she did only what her kids, Psalm, 4, Chicago, 6, Saint, 8, and North, 10, wanted! The SKIMS founder told her mom Kris Jenner:

“I thought my birthday, I’d have a day to myself. I was stuck doing everything that everyone else wanted to do. I was stuck watching YouTube unboxing videos on my birthday. I had a FIFA tournament. Color Me Mine — you should see the ugly thing I made. This is not what I wanted to be doing on my birthday.”

LOLz! Oh, no!

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Kimmy Kakes went on:

“I need to sit my kids down and be like this isn’t Mother’s Day. Like this is my day. Do you think a mom wants to go to Color Me Mine one more time on her birthday? Whose birthday is it? I know I was tortured. Just make me breakfast. That’s a great birthday.”

OMG! She’s not necessarily wrong, but also, damn!! In a confessional, producers wondered what the model’s “perfect birthday” would’ve been, to which she said:

“To lock my door. Not get out of my bed and eat cookies and cream ice cream all day long. That’s what would have been my dream and no one cares about my dreams — not my four kids at least.”


To be fair, it’s hard to get that kind of a lazy day when you’re a single momma! Though it’s not like Kim couldn’t have planned ahead and sent her kids off with a nanny for a few hours!

Kim’s own momma didn’t have ANY sympathy, tho! Kris said in her confessional:

“I think that we’ve all, as moms, been through some days where we don’t want to be doing what we’re doing, but we do it for our kids. So, come on, Kim. Suck it up, do a little Color Me Mine.”


Back in the scene with her mom, the beauty mogul said that she wanted to become more like her “tough” sister Khloé Kardashian, noting:

“I’m gonna get my s**t together and I’m gonna be a f**king drill sergeant. Like, Khloé is so tough.”

Kanye West‘s ex-wife continued in her confessional:

“I’d say I’m like half of a Khloé parent or and half of a Kourtney parent. Kourtney’s like, ‘It’s all love, do what you want,’ you know, but then I also get Khloé and I get that order but it’s difficult for me to be a really strict parent.”

While Kris may not have agreed with Kim’s complaints, she did give her some solid advice. The momager suggested:

“You’re gonna have to create some boundaries for everybody else including me, including your friends, including some business associates. You just need to create a world for yourself where less people have access to you. And everyone else can f**k off.”

Kris also told cameras:

“Being a mom, being a working mom, it’s really hard. I know Kim, and I know how she thrives on her workload, but we all still need a little bit of balance.”

Fair! But being THIS upset about spending time with her children on her b-day is kinda wild. Especially when she’s a grown-ass woman with ample financial assets who VERY easily could’ve made other plans for herself and not gone along with her kids’ ideas! Calling time with them torture is crazy!! Right?? Reactions?! Share them in the comments (below)!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube & Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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