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Did Kim Kardashian STEAL Her Sunglasses Design?! See The Evidence!

Kim Kardashian West Stolen Sunglasses Plagiarism

Is Kim Kardashian West a bona fide fashion phenom? Or an unscrupulous, unapologetic plagiarist??
We know Kim has that business side handled. She really knows how to get her brand name out there in the spotlight. (Though that’s not always for the best, as evidenced by the controversy surrounding the name choice for her shapewear line…)
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But Kim’s business acumen is not in question here — it’s her ethics!
This year the KUWTK star launched an eyewear line in collaboration with designer Carolina Lemke.
That’s all well and good. Kim can be seen sporting sunglasses on the reg, so she has an eye — no pun intended — for what’s fashionable in the UV protection arena.
But is she actually designing new eyewear? Or just seeing something she likes and slipping it into her own purse? Like a Beverly Hills teen shoplifting at a boutique — except instead of stealing one pair taking the ENTIRE idea. That would certainly take WAY more from the pocket of the original designer.
That’s the accusation being made by @diet_prada on Wednesday. The Instagram account exists to point out ripoffs in the fashion world, and they set their eyes on Kim after seeing these:

Those are part of Kim’s line — specifically the Chaotix design. If they look familiar to you, especially in that color, you aren’t alone.
@diet_prada noticed a striking similarity between that design and one of a pair of Emilio Pucci shades — one Kim herself was photographed wearing in August of last year!
See all the evidence (below)!

The fashion police charged:

“Hey @kimkardashian, so it’s def not cool to use someone else’s name and likeness when promoting knockoffs, as evidenced by your win against @missguided, but should it be ok to use your OWN name and likeness to promote them? Lol. Funny how those SS17 @emiliopucci shades you wore in August 2018 ended up in your eyewear collab with @carolinalemkeberlin that launched in April this year. Hypocrisy at its finest!”

Dayum! Calling out Kim’s legal win against Missguided USA? Savage!
For those who missed the impressively quick legal skirmish, Kim sued the clothing line for ripping off her looks — and brazenly dropping her name and likeness into their promotion for them. She was awarded $2.7 million in a HUGE win.
Now that she’s being accused of ripping off a design, how will she respond?
We’re guessing she’ll ignore it as long as she can. But how long will that be? Depends on whether Emilio Pucci wants to pull a Kim and file suit.
Back in 2017, Kim was accused of stealing designs for her kids’ charity line — and basically totally copped to it! However, the designers chose not to take action; they already had a good relationship with Kim and had no intention of rocking that boat.
Of course, whether Pucci takes action also depends on how close the design really is…
So, Perezcious fashionistas — now that you’ve seen the evidence, you tell us…

[Image via Kim Kardashian West/Instagram.]

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