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King Charles Told Princess Diana He 'Might Be Gay' While Refusing To Have Sex With Her, Claims Bombshell Book!

King Charles Refused Sex Princess Diana Gay Book

This new biography of King Charles isn’t pulling any punches!

We knew the relationship between the then-Prince of Wales and Princess Diana was problematic, but this is a new one on us! According to royal biographer Christopher Andersen‘s explosive new book The King: The Life of Charles III, the couple outright loathed one another. He writes:

“Consumed by anger and frustration, both bride and groom separately cried themselves to sleep the night before the wedding.”

Charles and Diana wedding day
Charles and Diana at St. Pauls Cathedral on their wedding day, July 29, 1981. / (c) Anwar Hussein/WENN

And things only got worse. According to the book, their fights toward the end were so “highly combustible” that royal protection officers were afraid of real violence following. One exchange in particular has our jaws on the floor.

Obviously it’s entered into royal legend by now that Charles never actually broke up with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Diana famously said there were “three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” And the future King’s secret phone calls to Camilla, well… those are unforgettable in their own way

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In his book, out November 8, Andersen claims a former valet of the royal couple recounted a vicious fight — though a rather one-sided one. As much as Diana’s temper was running hot, Charles was ice cold — frigid, one might say. Because this valet claims the subject was his refusal to sleep with his wife. Yes, Andersen writes that Charles “had for all intents and purposes unilaterally called a halt to their sexual relationship” after the conception of Prince Harry.

Wait, so once he had produced an heir and a spare, he was done with her? Like she was a receptacle for his royal seed? No wonder she was furious!

The valet recalls a time Diana “literally pursued” Charles “down hallways, up staircases and from room to room,” all the while “hurling epithets and mocking her husband’s obsession with the dreary-looking Camilla.” Ouch, right?

But it was Charles who had the last laugh. When Diana demanded, “Why won’t you sleep with me?” her husband caustically spat back:

“I don’t know, dear. I think I might be gay.”

Oof. He wishes.

But it wasn’t just Diana who could get upset. Andersen writes about another time when Charles demanded the respect “that he felt his position warranted,” demanding: “Do you know who I am?”

“Diana answered that he was a ‘f**king animal.'”

He adds that she shouted:

“You will never be King! William will succeed your mother. I will see to that.”

Whoa. They were so savage to one another, said a bodyguard, that “violence seemed inevitable.” In fact, the officers began to get worried about the “sheer firepower” within the walls of Highgrove House. The residence was home to various weapons, presumably for hunting and sport, including shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Andersen notes:

“The detectives in charge of protecting members of the royal family were deeply concerned that ‘in the heat of anger,’ any one of these could be used to commit suicide, homicide or both.”

Wow. The fact they were worried about a potential homicide is chilling given the conspiracy theories surrounding Diana’s death just a year after their divorce…

You can read more dirty laundry in The King: The Life of Charles III on November 8.

[Image via Anwar Hussein/WENN.]

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