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Jeremy Piven Shares Photo From Kobe Bryant's Unseen 'Entourage' Cameo: 'He Was Mesmerizing'

Jeremy Piven details Kobe Bryant's unseen Entourage cameo

No one could deny Kobe Bryant’s talent on the court — but who knew he was also pretty gifted on screen?

Jeremy Piven made that revelation in a heartbreaking Instagram post on Tuesday, telling fans that the late NBA icon actually filmed a never-before-seen cameo for an episode of Entourage that was left on the cutting room floor.

Days after the basketball legend, his teen daughter Gianna, and several others were killed in a horrific helicopter crash, the actor took to his social account to share a photo from a scene with Kobe and his character, Hollywood super-agent Ari Gold, that will probably never be seen by fans. 

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In the post, Piven explained what a natural talent Bryant was on camera. He wrote:

“I approached Kobe in character and asked why he’s doesn’t act and that I wanted to rep him… He told me while warming up (popping in 3 balls )that he doesn’t have that charisma to be in front of the camera like Denzel. And yet he was mesmerizing while telling me this and didn’t know we we’re filming. I’m telling u he crushed this scene that u will never see.”

Unfortunately, the actor couldn’t share the scene he was describing. When fans asked for him to post the unaired cameo, he responded:

“Wish I had it.”

Piven went on to reflect on the legacy the 41-year-old will leave behind, adding:

“He was fascinating and curious at the same time and that’s rare . His impact will continue to reveal itself and I’m still hurt and in total disbelief . Let his work ethic inspire u when u can’t make it and the love he had for his family continue to give us all perspective when we loose gratitude. I’m sorry I can’t stop thinking about this and posting.”

Piven previously posted about Kobe’s death earlier in the week, admitting that he couldn’t stop shedding tears after learning the devastating news. 

He wrote:

“Can’t stop crying . Maybe because we know how hard he worked and now he could be with his family and explore that next chapter . We just see the glory and not all the hard work that lead to him making it look easy …. look at that smile, he was a kid who got to do what he loved . Halfway into his journey he’s taken away with 8 others . Make every moment count.”

So incredibly sad.

[Image via WENN]

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Jan 30, 2020 16:50pm PDT

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