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Adrian Grenier WOULD Return To Hollywood For An Entourage Revival! With This Twist!

Adrian Grenier Retirement Entourage Revival Twist

Could Entourage be the next HBO show to return years later? As the buzz around the Sex and the City revival heats up, the “not TV” network has been looking for another established hit to lure in viewers. A True Blood reboot has been teased recently. Is Entourage next??

And in case you didn’t hear last year, star Kevin Dillon, aka Johnny Drama, spilled in an interview last November that creator Doug Ellin was considering bringing back the show. The showrunner teased on social media that he was “considering my consideration.”

But obviously they could bring back the show without Vincent Chase, the movie star at the center of all the show’s plotlines. And we don’t know if y’all heard but Adrian Grenier is a farmer now. Yes, for real. The heartthrob took his TV money and retired to Texas. We’re not kidding, read about it HERE!

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But before he settled down, the Drive Me Crazy alum still had a couple projects in the can, including a Netflix limited series called Clickbait. And while he was doing promo for that, EW couldn’t resist asking him about returning to his best known role.

We would have assumed he’d reiterated that he was living a more rustic lifestyle, but to our surprise he seems to have left the barn door open to the possibility of returning! He told the outlet on Wednesday:

“First, I’ll look at the deal. What is it? What are we doing? I’m pretty open to anything. I’m pretty focused right now, but if there’s an opportunity to reboot Entourage, I’d certainly take a look.”

Sounds like he’s still got a soft spot for the show that made him a household name… and, you know, made him a house.

He does have thoughts about how the show could be different if it came back. No, not shocking, unexpected deaths. Just a funny twist of fate following the way the show was going the last time we left off. He suggested:

“I think Turtle would be Vince. Turtle would be the celebrity. And I’d drive him.”

By the end of the movie six years ago, Jerry Ferrara‘s character was a multimillionaire entrepreneur who was looking fantastic. It’s easy to see him becoming a celeb in his own right — and film careers ebb and flow, so maybe Vince is at a low point? It makes a fun kind of sense!

Ellin, who has been vocal about not wanting to bring the show back without any of the original cast, clearly saw the interview. He posted a screengrab of Grenier saying he was “open to anything” to his Instagram with a single word caption:


Sounds like this could be a real possibility!

There are, however, a couple speed bumps…

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

In the years since the show took its final bow, two of the stars have faced sexual misconduct allegations.

Jeremy Piven was one of the first actors whose names came up at the dawn of the #MeToo movement. He has been accused by at least four women of various levels of harassment in incidents that span his career. One was an actress named Ariane Bellamar, who said he twice cornered and groped her on the set of Entourage. Piven subsequently had his CBS show Wisdom Of The Crowd canceled. HBO made a statement at the time which came off as very protective… of themselves:

“Today, via the press reports, is the first we are hearing about Ariane Bellamar’s allegations concerning Jeremy Piven. Everyone at HBO and our productions is aware that zero tolerance for sexual harassment is our policy. Anyone experiencing an unsafe working environment has several avenues for making complaints that we take very seriously.”

Piven has strongly denied all claims, even taking a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Last Summer, Kevin Connolly was accused of rape by a costume designer who says the former “P***y Posse” member initiated sex without her consent at the wrap party for his 2005 movie The Gardener Of Eden, which she had worked on.

Connolly has also denied anything nonconsensual happened, admitting only to “a lack of professionalism” on his part.

No charges have been filed against either actor. But the accusations are out there. The question is, would HBO take either of these two back with that kind of cloud over them? Would the audience??

[Image via Warner Bros/YouTube/WENN/Avalon.]

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