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What?! Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker's Marriage Is DOOMED, Claims Astrologer!

What?! Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker’s Marriage Is DOOMED, Claims Astrologer!

Umm… Are Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker destined for heartbreak?! A new deep dive into their Zodiac signs has us worried!!!

Kerry Ward, author of Power Purpose Practice, analyzed what the real stars had written for the reality stars, and it ain’t sounding good! Speaking to The Sun on Thursday, the expert explained how Kourney, who was born on April 18, is an Aries and ruled by Mars, a fire sign. In terms of tarot, Aries is associated with The Emperor card. Her life path (AKA her birth card) is number three, which represents influencer, creative, communicator, and trendsetter. Sounds spot on!

Travis, on the other hand, is VERY different! Born on November 14, he is a Scorpio ruled by Pluto, a water sign. He’s also associated with the Death card and his life path number is 11, meaning he’s on the path to be an inspiring teacher, psychic, and old wise soul. So, is this a situation of opposites attract? Or are all these differences going to haunt them one day? Simply put, Kerry believes this whirlwind romance is going to end in a fiery crash and burn!

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Here’s the good thing about their signs — it results in a passionate (but dangerous) romance. Water plus fire equals pure steam, after all. And since Kravis has been playing this fiery passion up, Kerry thinks they’re well aware of what destiny has in store. Hmm…

Right now, they seem to be enjoying their intense love for one another — something they’re not afraid to flaunt in PDA-filled social media posts! They’ve also made great strides in their personal lives by leaning on one another in challenging times. So, of course, they are compatible to a degree — it just might not be “until death do us part.”

As for what’s working in their romance? Sex! The author explained that Aries have a sexual power that meshes well with a Scorpio’s intense and dark sexual desires. The expert speculated the Blink-182 drummer may get turned on by bringing the model behind closed doors to “corrupt her” while simultaneously playing to her needs. But this doesn’t mean they have what it takes to last a lifetime.

Many of their personality traits, based on their signs, are quite different. The Poosh founder is described as loving, warm, demanding, and childish whereas the musician is sophisticated and an old soul with a desire to teach, inspire, and change lives through his art. Meanwhile, his parter is just drawn toward the spotlight, where she feels most valuable. Not hard to guess why she’d place value on that, in her family! But this world is fairly new for the rock star, and considering Scorpios are notoriously private and resist analysis, it’s not necessarily the best environment for him long term. It’s likely they could start to butt heads because they could find the other’s “personality and motivations bewildering and irritating.”

Uh oh…

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Kerry predicted over time, Travis will start to distance himself from his wife, who will continue to demand attention and make a major scene of the situation — maybe even blaming other people for the strained relationship. Things could get super messy if the 44-year-old were to start pointing fingers since Aries are prone to being jealous and insecure. Oof!

Interestingly, the Good Karma Tarot writer thinks we’re already starting to see these traits in action! Take the pregnancy announcement, for example. We already know, thanks to some family members, that Kourtney and Travis found out they were pregnant and told loved ones well before announcing it to the world at a concert. So, why go through the act? Attention, of course! The Kardashians will do anything it takes for ratings and buzz.

She’s also ruled by Mars, which means she’s a force to be reckoned with when she gets an idea. Nothing can simmer her down! She’s also super competitive, which we’ve been seeing in full force amid her feud with Kim Kardashian on the latest season of The Kardashians. This could be a lot to go up against for a Scorpio like Travis who has a natural need for space and privacy. He’s also very in touch with his emotions as a water sign, though this could prove problematic thanks to his Death card, which represents transformation — as in, making him capable of just changing his mind and walking out on Kourtney! Big yikes!

These wouldn’t be the first two twin flames whose love came and went in the blink of an eye, but damn! With their first baby on the way, we’d hate for things to deteriorate! What do U think? Can this relationship be boiled down to astrology? Or does that only tell half the story? We’re still rooting for Kravis 4ever!! Sound OFF (below)!

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