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Kylie Jenner Reacts To Fan Video Trolling Her Son Aire Webster's Name!

Kylie Jenner Drops VERY Telling Reaction On Fan Video Spoofing Aire Webster's Name Choice!

Kylie Jenner is being a good sport about fans’ reaction to her baby name choice!

Of course, the 25-year-old reality TV star picked Aire Webster as the name of her nearly 1-year-old son formerly (and briefly) known as Wolf. Over the last week, she not only debuted the name along with his pic on her Instagram page, but she also handed out guidelines for fans on how to pronounce the unique moniker.

As we’ve also reported, the other shoe soon dropped, too. While the Kylie Cosmetics mogul chose the name for its Hebrew meaning as “Lion of God,” there’s a totally NSFW Arabic meaning of the memorable moniker, too. Oops!!

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But we’re past that after a full week of name talk, right?! Nah, not quite. Now, we’re on to even MORE fan reactions!!

Over on TikTok this week, a fan posted a funny video making a fresh pun about Aire’s name. In the clip, the follower spoofed Kylie trying out different name possibilities while quoting the opening scene from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The vignette features narration of the four natural elements of the world: water, earth, fire, and… air! As the pretend Kylie cycles through those, fake Travis Scott is seen lying in bed turning down every suggestion. But when “air” pops up, suddenly the spoofed rapper pops up, too! And that’s how the name was chosen! Or so this fan says, at least. Ha!!!

Ch-ch-check it out (below):


What an accurate sound ???? IB: @Massimo Mandato #kylie #travis #aire

♬ original sound – Giselle Carrillo


Clearly, the video must have right, because Kylie herself popped up in the comments!

On Wednesday, she slid into the reactions to share two telling emojis signaling approval of the funny vid:

Kylie Jenner reacts Aire Webster name choice TikTok Video
Kylie loved the funny take on her name choice process! / (c) Kylie Jenner/TikTok

Love that!

Some of this kind of comes with the territory as a public figure. Gotta be OK with people talking about you online, right?! And if you can hop in and laugh about it yourself like this, even better. Respect to Kylie for taking the lighthearted joke!!

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Elsewhere down in the comments, plenty of other fans added their own two cents into the whole thing, as well. Many pointed out the wind-swept links between Aire and older sister Stormi Webster. Others even referenced KarJenner cousin Reign Disick‘s (sort of) weather-related name, too!

Ch-ch-check out more fan takes from TikTok (below):

“I hope stormi & aire dont fight or there will be a tornado”

“Stormi, aire next gonna be rainy”

“I’ve just realized KYLIE’s AIRE or ‘Heir'”

“Stormi, Reign and Aire can start a band and be called the elements”

“Aire force one”


“stormie, aire, reign… whats next windy”

“Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no Aire”

What’s in a name, you ask?! Well, about a week’s worth of debate and commentary, that’s what. Ha!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram]

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