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Lady GaGa Hasn’t Paid Hefty Reward To Woman Who Returned Her Dogs As Cops Investigate Possible Gang Initiation

Lady GaGa Hasn’t Paid Hefty Reward To Woman Who Returned Her Dogs As Cops Investigate Possible Gang Initiation

Looks like there will be some “questions asked” after all…

It’s been a few weeks since Lady GaGa’s beloved dogs Koji and Gustavo were returned home safely (thank goodness!) following a violent dognapping in West Hollywood that left her dog walker Ryan Fischer in the hospital recovering from a “very close call with death.” Now, sources tell TMZ cops investigating the crime believe the incident may have been a gang initiation! It’s these suspicions that have also blocked GaGa from paying the woman who returned her pups unharmed (after allegedly finding them tied to a pole).

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As you no doubt remember, GaGa promised a massive $500,000 reward for anyone who returned the pups “no questions asked.” At the time, most believed the dogs were stolen to be resold given how French Bulldogs are a very popular breed, especially these days as families look to add a pet to their ranks in quarantine. Reselling for $1,500-$3,000 or up to $10,000, it seemed the Born This Way singer’s generous reward definitely caught attention from the public. But now with the unfolding investigation, she’s held off paying until the cops clear the good samaritan!

While the police do not believe the woman, who is being kept anonymous for safety reasons, was apart of the dognapping itself, they are trying to rule out any involvement to a gang prior to the huge money transfer — which makes sense, we suppose. No victim would want to pay the robber, right? That said, because the pop star promised the reward “no questions asked,” we sense a sticky situation depending on how the plot develops.

As for the gang suspicions, the evidence goes back to the original security footage that was obtained by the same outlet. In the video captured in front of a neighbor’s house (HERE), Ryan is seen walking the three French Bulldogs (including Miss Asia who escaped the scene safely) as a white car pulls up and two men attack him prior to opening gunfire. At first glance, it looked like the suspects only wanted the dogs, especially since they did not attempt to steal anything else from the victim (such as his wallet).

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On Tuesday, the outlet learned the investigative team has honed in on the fact that the suspects shot the animal lover once they had already retrieved the dogs. While still vocal in his struggle to get the pooches back, Koji and Gustavo were on the other side of the dognappers prior to things turning violent. The suspects could easily have slipped the dogs in the car and gone on their way without shooting the dog walker, but the culprits chose to attempt murder instead. Given the fact there’s been similar crimes in the area, gang initiation seems a reasonable hypothesis for the motive behind this senseless crime, but alas, the investigation is still very much ongoing. Legal troubles are certainly not over for GaGa, but at least she can rest easy knowing her pets are safe and sound!

[Image via Lady GaGa/Instagram]

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