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Lala Kent Accuses Tom Sandoval Of ‘Grooming’ Rachel Leviss In EXPLOSIVE Vanderpump Rules Fight!

Lala Kent Accuses Tom Sandoval Of Grooming Rachel Leviss

Lala Kent made a serious accusation during a massive blowout on Vanderpump Rules this week!

While on a boat trip in Lake Tahoe on Tuesday night’s episode, the 33-year-old podcast host took a moment to confront Tom Sandoval over comments he made about her on the day news of his affair with Rachel Leviss broke in March 2023. At the time, he claimed Lala was “overly douchey” since she wasn’t being “real” and “honest” about her life. Of course, that’s just oh so rich coming from a guy who lied and cheated on Ariana Madix with her best friend for seven months! So Lala refused to let him get away with what he said about her — no matter how much time has passed since those comments. She said to Sandoval:

“When you could look me in my eyes and say, ‘You need to be real. You need to be honest with your life.’ All of those things knowing that you were doing what you guys were doing. How could you look at me and say that? I genuinely want to know.”

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She called his brazen hypocrisy “such a mind f**k”, and that’s when Sandoval chimed in to defend himself — and double down. He fired back that she was never forthcoming about her relationship with baby daddy and ex-fiancé Randall Emmett for the longest time:

“Lala, your entire life was a mystery and off limits for years and years and we respected that. It felt like things are only allowed to be talked about if you’re okay with them.”

Speaking in a confessional, the TomTom co-owner said they were both “liars” at the end of the day and wanted to “call this a wash.” However, Lala would not move past the issue! She continued:

“We can go down a laundry list and have a heyday with my past. I go through this in my mind and no one’s going to beat me up more than I’m going to beat myself up. You’re not my dad, you’re not my mama, you haven’t been a friend. You don’t get to talk to me about my past that I lived.”

That’s when things began to get HEATED! She added:

“I thought in this moment that you would say, ‘You know what, La, that is f**ked up.”

But in a classic Sandoval move, he refused to own up to his hypocrisy back then and apologize. Instead, he slammed Lala for not sharing her life with the world like the rest of the cast:

“All of us are really putting our f**king lives out there and you are not! And then you ask me to f**king tell you my life story?!”

Oof. That set Lala off! She yelled at Sandoval for never letting her “evolve” despite the grace she was trying to show him at the time:

“Am I losing my mind?! He wants to talk about the past six years, I’m not real, I’m not this, you’re insane! I felt bad for you for five f**king seconds and now you’re proving to me that you are terrifying. You are f**king terrifying. I’m happy with the human that I am, I made a lot of s**tty mistakes and you are not going to be the one that I sit there and go, ‘Tom Sandoval doesn’t approve.’ Thank god you don’t! I wanted to have a conversation with you like you being a human being.”

What made him “terrifying” to Lala? She went on to accuse Sandoval of “grooming” Rachel:

“You know what triggered me was when she said, ‘If I don’t fall in line with Sandoval then I have nobody.’ You isolate. You groom. You lie. I do not want to know you. You are scary.”

Boy, he was NOT happy about those words being thrown around! He called “bulls**t” on the “grooming” claims, screaming:

“Don’t f**king sit there and accuse me of grooming! You don’t f**king know me, dude.”


Eventually, Scheana Shay and Brock Davies stepped in to try and calm everyone down. Scheana told Sandoval that all Lala was “asking for is an apology for how hypocritical it was that you would look her in the eyes and tell her to be real, knowing” the whole time he was having an affair. The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman cooled down, admitting he didn’t “fully understand” Lala’s intentions. And they hugged it out.

Lala was fired up this episode! Damn! Reactions to the explosive fight, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

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