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Lauryn Hill's Daughter Slams Media For Taking Things 'Out Of Context' After She Posts & Deletes Video About Childhood Trauma & Getting 'Beat'

Lauryn Hill's daughter posted and deleted a long Instagram video about childhood trauma and family drama

Selah Marley, daughter of singer Lauryn Hill and entrepreneur Rohan Marley, is slamming the media for the reaction to a two-hour Instagram Live video she posted on Monday of this week.

In the since-deleted clip, the 21-year-old openly discussed “childhood trauma” and spoke about how she’s still processing some of the challenges and troubles she faced growing up with her parents. Now, though, Selah has uploaded a new video slamming journalists for what she saw as taking “the worst part of my [original] video” out of context in a bid for clicks and headlines.

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Selah’s first vid touched on being raised by her “very angry” famous mom, who she claims disciplined her by whipping her with belts, openly calling it “some slave owner s**t.” The young star summarized how Lauryn would “beat” her up until the sixth grade, describing the fear:

“She was just very angry. She was very, very angry. So so so angry. She was unapproachable, not easy to talk to. I was living with my grandparents half the time. She was just very angry. And so, when we got disciplined, it’s crazy, I’m playing this trauma back in my head.”

She also opened up about father Rohan being absent from the family at times, with a “lack of unity in the household” as both parents were consistently not present, even as they did their best to raise five children together.

Calling the past issues “trauma that I experienced” and noting in the original video that it was part of “a larger conversation” about childhood challenges and healing over time, Marley was ready to be good and done with it then and there. But she roared back on Wednesday, ultimately deleting the first two-hour video entirely and replacing it with one lasting slightly longer than 90 minutes.

Speaking directly to the camera once again in the new follow-up IGTV video, which she titled “clarity,” the famous daughter said that the original video’s context was coming “from a place of healing,” and added (below):

“I spoke on that subject for two hours…. It’s complex. It’s a very complex topic, and really what I was discussing was how a lack of unity in the household can create severe trauma that you’re not even aware of. And now, I had to go back and see where these different things impacted my life and how they impacted my life. At the end of the day, I never said my father was a f**king deadbeat completely. I just said that he wasn’t as present as I needed him to be…. Don’t go bashing my f**king father and my family.”

Wow! From there, Selah also took to her IG Stories to directly call out The Shade Room for cherry-picking the most salacious parts of her long, long video in order to get clicks:

Selah Marley calls out The Shade Room for cherry picking parts of her two hour video on her family and childhood trauma
“The Shade Room [sic] just loves a headline,” Marley wrote in her IG Stories response to the drama, later adding, “PLEASE do not go bashing my parents right now – especially, my father. I never said I did not love them. I said that their shortcomings created trauma that I now need to consciously an actively heal from.” / (c) Selah Marley/Instagram
Well then!

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In case you’re curious, here’s the full nearly 100-minute clarification and response video, posted after the first vid was entirely deleted:

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Quite a lot to take in, isn’t it?! She’s not wrong about putting things in proper context and all, but dayum! Just saying!!!

[Image via Instagram]

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