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No, The Real-Life Annabelle Doll Did Not Escape From A Museum!

annabelle doll reportedly escapes from museum

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any scarier, what with a pandemic and murder hornets, this may have just proven you wrong!

On Friday, a rumor started claiming that the real-life Annabelle doll — you know, the inspiration behind the Annabelle horror franchise — had escaped from the Warren Museum where she has been kept since the 1970s.

Though this claim has since been debunked, it didn’t stop Twitter from reacting to the potentially terrifying news!

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For those unfamiliar with the story of Annabelle, a student nurse was reportedly given the doll, which was in reality a Raggedy Ann doll and not the creepy faced girl from the movies, in 1970. However, it is true the doll is alleged to have behaved strangely, and a psychic told the student the doll was inhabited by the spirit of a dead girl named Annabelle. Legendary ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren were contacted after the student and her roommate tried to ignore the spirit-possessed doll, but she continued to exhibit terrifying behavior. The Warrens pronounced her demonically possessed, and moved her to a glass box in their Monroe, Connecticut museum.

The doll served as inspiration for The Conjuring film series, which includes Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, and Annabelle Comes Home, though producers reimagined the doll (above) to look like a porcelain little girl.

Today’s chaos all started when an incorrect claim on the doll’s Wikipedia page said that she had escaped at 3 a.m. early Friday morning from the Connecticut museum, which was set up by the Warrens. The museum has actually been closed for years due to zoning issues, with the Warren’s son-in-law in charge of the paranormal collection, per Newsweek. But the fact she never really got out didn’t stop the scares — or the laughs!

Take a look at some of the best responses to the (below):

“Dear Annabelle, now that you ran away, i wanna tell you about this guy named scooter braun

“I really believed for a second that Annabelle escaped and expected a video where she’s running out of the museum”

“y’all giving annabelle so much clout”

“Everyone like ????  cause #Annabelle got out???
BE HAPPY FOR HER!! Sis has been quarantined for years tf”

“Annabelle escaped to claim all her box office success, the truth is that she is my new idol, I want to speak for her to say that she is underrated, they used her story and locked her up at the cost of that, they were wrong.”


Though we must say again this rumor has been debunked, 2020 has been quite a ride, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it was true after all!!

[Image via Warner Bros/HBO Max.]

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Aug 14, 2020 14:56pm PDT

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