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Love Me Tender Beef Curtains

Damn that photo is hot!!!!
Can you handle the heat????
We rarely do the “hipster stare,” but we may have to start doing it more often!
Perez worked it out for this picture with rock royalty Riley Keough. Elvis‘ granddaughter was one of the many guests at Chris Evans‘ birthday party at Eleven in West Hollywood on Saturday night.
We were lured by the hope of seeing Chris’ hot hot hot gay brother, but he was nowhere to be seen. We hear he moved to New York.
Evans’ Fantastic Four costar Michael Chiklis made an appearance, but Jessica “Don’t Call Me Latina” Alba was a no-show.
Bitch probably wasn’t even invited!
The evening was a 2-4-1 affair, also celebrating the birthday of Hollywood manager Eric Podwell.
Riley showed up with her girlfriend boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera, and they were seated at a table next to ours.
Our beloved friend Caroline Hedley from The Mirror – yes, one of the “3 AM Girls” – was our date for the night, along with her boyfriend and our friend Mel B (not the Spice Girl, though she is spicy).
Roaming around the party were plenty of former boybanders, from A.J. MacLean to Gay.C. Chasez.
And seated at the table next to ours was The Hills star Lauren Conrad, who seems to be working her way through young Hollywood.
LC and her beef curtains were seen leaving the party with Paris Hilton‘s ex-boyfriend, Josh Henderson.
Hope he tenderized that meat!

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Jul 01, 2007 21:10pm PDT

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