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Twitter Can't Process This Dating Show That Drops Contestants Through A Trapdoor -- You MUST See The Viral Video!

love trap elimination twitter reacts

If love is an open door, rejection is a trapdoor that sends one back to the pits of loneliness.

New British dating show The Love Trap apparently takes its titular metaphor seriously, as it sends its contestants through a literal trap door that opens up in the floor beneath them when they’re eliminated from the competition!

Those who have seen shows like The Bachelor know a common fear for contestants is that their suitors aren’t looking for love like they claim to be but are actually just looking for fame. Well, The Love Trap used that reality competition conundrum for its entire premise: the new show follows its leading man, Too Hot to Handle contestant David Birtwistle, as he tries to figure out which women are on The Love Trap actually hoping to fall for him, and which are already in relationships and only there for a shot at a cash prize!

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While the concept alone sounds interesting, it’s the bonkers elimination format that has fans talking. As seen in the clip (below), once Birtwistle eliminates one of his ladies from the competition, accusing her of being the proverbial *love trap*, gurl literally falls into the trapdoor that opens up beneath her — leaving Birtwistle and his ladies looking shocked.

See it for yourself (below)!


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Although the network said The Love Trap might be “the most brutal show on telly,” its contestants fortunately do see the light of day again post-elimination. Comedian Bec Shaw followed up her now-viral tweet of the elimination video with a second portion of the clip, which showed the cut contestant in a testimonial after her flight down the trap door. She noted:

“[S]he is alive and she was a LOVE TRAP (also the name of the show)”


As expected, social media users had a lot to say about the footage. Fans wrote:

Love Trap is a little trap door where you can break your pelviisssss

“why do i feel like none of them knew this was gonna happen theyre just throwing people down trap doors over there”

“Dating show but make it Squid Game”

“How is this not an SNL sketch?!”

“Sometimes I wish I could do that to guys I meet on Grindr lol”

“All reality shows most henceforth drop eliminated players through the floor. We can never go back to elimination catch phrases.”

Ha! BTW, trapdoors have actually been used on game shows for quite some time, so the technology is apparently perfectly safe — despite looking like a deleted scene from Squid Game. See it here in 2003’s Russian Roulette:

What do U think about this, Perezcious readers? Too far, or just the kind of entertainment the world needs right now?

[Image via Channel 4/Instagram]

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