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Las Vegas Man Kept Murdered Girlfriend's Body In Closet For Two Months -- Was Afraid She'd Come Back To Life?!

Man Kept Murdered Girlfriend's Body In Closet For Two Months -- Was Afraid She'd Come Back To Life?!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

An ex-convict is accused of murdering his girlfriend in a Las Vegas home. But y’all… he’s also accused of keeping her body in a closet for two months at the height of summer — with a cooler jammed in front of the door just in case she came back to life!!

Late last week, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department took 31-year-old George Anthony Bone into custody and charged him with one count of open murder, per Fox 5 Vegas and others. According to multiple reports, Bone is accused of killing his girlfriend Beverly Ma more than two months ago, and leaving her body inside a closet in their shared home.

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According to the police report in the case, Ma’s family became concerned after the home in question started logging incredibly high air conditioning bills. They sent an air conditioning repair person out to the house, but the worker couldn’t make entry and nobody answered the door.

So, family members showed up at the house to investigate. Once there, they found Bone, who was “nonchalant” as he “casually” told them Ma was dead while “he was brushing his teeth,” according to the police report. Then, when family members questioned the shocking reveal, Bone told them he’d be happy to take them into the master bedroom and show them the body.

Per the police report, one of the investigating family members walked into the bedroom and found a cooler pushed up against the closet door:

“[The family member] noticed a cooler against the bedroom closet door and the bottom of the door had a towel, which covered the gap. George told her that she can open it and see. [He said] ‘Why do you have to see? If you want to see, I can show her to you.'”

Then, per 8 News Now, Bone informed the horrified family that Ma’s body had been in the closet “for two months.” When the family asked the natural question about why Bone didn’t report it to cops, he responded that he knew he’d be arrested because he was “a man of color,” and he wanted to avoid law enforcement for any reason.

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Ma’s death occurred in early May, the police affidavit noted, with Bone then living in the home and carrying on as normal with her decomposing in the bedroom closet.

Bone’s story to cops was that he came home on either May 5 or May 15 and found Ma dead in the closet “with a belt around her neck.” The LVMPD report stated the ex-con — who previously served time on a charge of lewdness with a minor — went on to live quietly for the next two months as if nothing had happened:

“Bone went about living at the house with Beverly deceased in the upstairs closet for the next two months and began ordering several items on Beverly’s Amazon account using her funds for his own gain. When asked why he didn’t call for help, Bone’s response was ‘I was afraid of going back to jail … for being found with a dead body.'”


The air conditioning bills ended up being the tip-off, because Bone had set the thermostat at the lowest possible setting in order to try to slow decomposition and keep flies away from the body. In turn, he responded to texts Ma’s family members had sent to her for weeks on end, “pretending to be her,” per the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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And when cops asked about the cooler that had been placed in front of the closet door to keep it shut, 8 News Now reports Bone told them he put it there so he could hear if she “rose from the dead like the movie The Grudge.”


Cops didn’t buy Bone’s story, and they charged him with murder. They now believe Ma was strangled to death — likely on the night of May 4, when cops received a 911 call from her phone. In that call, a man and a woman could be heard screaming before the line abruptly went dead. Dispatchers called back, and then sent cops to the location of the call, but multiple officers couldn’t find anything in a welfare check.

As for Bone, he eventually requested a lawyer while under interrogation and clammed up after that. Per Fox 5 Vegas, he is next due in court to face the charge on Tuesday.

Here is more on this shocking case:


We send our condolences to the victim’s family, friends, and loved ones in this tragic and extremely unsettling situation.

[Image via Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/8 News Now/YouTube]

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