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Mandy Moore Says Her 20s Were 'The Worst' Period Of Her Life!

mandy moore reflects on aging and looks ahead

Mandy Moore isn’t afraid of aging!

Maybe part of that is due to the fact that she has a good idea of what she’ll look like thanks to prosthetics and makeup used on the set of This Is Us, but it’s also credited to her being able to move past her 20s!

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In a new interview with Parade, the 36-year-old shared her positive outlook on growing older:

“I’m excited about all the collective wisdom and clarity and giving less of a you-know-what as you get older. Already, the older I am, the more comfortable I get in my skin.”

She added (below):

“You couldn’t pay me money to go back to the last decade of my life. The 20s were the worst!”

Career-wise, it was then that Moore voiced Rapunzel for Disney‘s animated film Tangled, but also released two albums: Wild Hope in 2007 and Amanda Leigh in 2009. However, we can likely assume part of the reason why she looks back on things less than fondly now is because of her marriage to Ryan Adams, which she has since dubbed as “unhealthy.” In a 2019 New York Times exposé, Moore opened up about his “controlling behavior,” which Adams blasted as “completely inconsistent with his view of the relationship.”

As you may have heard, Mandy returned to the music scene just a few months before the coronavirus pandemic touched down in the US, which led her to cancel a planned 29-city tour. However, she’s been making the most of it by hosting concerts on Instagram with husband Taylor Goldsmith:

“I had so much fear and self-doubt for so long, I thought that phase of my life was over. Then my character singing on the show put me back in the recording studio, made me sing live in front of the crew. And I was like, I remember how to do this! It feels good! It started to light a fire in me again, as did being in a healthy and supportive relationship with my husband, who I’m in awe of as a songwriter.”

While the future might seem uncertain right now in terms of work, politics, and the general state of the world, the songstress is staying optimistic:

“I’m hopeful! I feel like a lot of people look at 2020 and are ready to skip on over to 2021, and I totally understand that. But I think this period of recalibration was long needed and maybe couldn’t have happened unless we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic and fight for racial justice and all these other pieces of the puzzle that are starting to coalesce.”

Mandy’s take is definitely refreshing, but do U agree?! Let us know (below) in the comments.

[Image via Rhode Island Ave. Productions/Zaftig Films/20th Television & Nikki Nelson/WENN/Instar]

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