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Megan Fox's House Is Haunted & Even Machine Gun Kelly Knows It!

Machine Gun Kelly talks about Megan Fox's haunted house

It’s getting spooky!

Apparently Megan Fox’s house is HAUNTED! And she didn’t know it until her knight in shining armor tried to save the day, albeit with the wrong weapon! Machine Gun Kelly revealed the supernatural news on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, telling the host he had been called to his girlfriend’s house early in their relationship after she became terrified of doors opening and closing by themselves!

He explained:

“Early on in our relationship, she had moved into that house and the outside doors were [opening and shutting]. She called me. She [had] locked herself in the bedroom.”

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Making a gun motion, the singer continued to recall the moment, saying:

“I came through and I had a weapon to make sure that everyone was safe. So I went through the house with the weapon.”

Ellen DeGeneres rightfully called out the plan, interjecting:

“To shoot a ghost?”

To justify his actions, the performer, born Colson Baker, noted he wasn’t convinced the “culprit” was a ghost at first, until further investigation on scene:

“We realized we needed Ghostbusters. What I had was not going to defeat whatever enemy was in this house. That realization came later, ’cause at first I was looking for a culprit that we later found out didn’t exist.”

MGK would know a thing or two about spirits given he admitted to having his own ghosts at home with him, too! But apparently his are on the friendlier side, even helping him with nightly chores!

“Everyone that comes to my house and stays past 7:00 p.m., they’re always like, ‘Yeah, there’s definitely something in your kitchen.’ And then I realized that those ghosts are just…like high ghosts. They’re just always making ghost snacks or like washing ghosts dishes. They’re only doing pantry or refrigerator things. Sometimes I’ll let off like a ‘Thank you!’”

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LOLz!! Talk about having strange roommates, but at least they’re helpful!

In a similar vein, the 31-year-old also dished about that vampire-esque necklace he wears — you know, the one with Megan’s blood inside it (below)!

“She was actually going out of town to film a movie. This was really new in our relationship. I didn’t have a passport either. So she was going to Bulgaria. And so I was kind of freaking out like, ‘Ah, you’re going to leave and I can’t even come and see you.’”

Megan Fox's House Is Haunted!
(c) Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

To comfort her beau while she was away, the New Girl alum made the ultimate gesture:

“Some people give like a handkerchief to their partner, or whatever — she gave me her DNA.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the musician did end up procuring a passport SUPER fast, thanks to Senator Bernie Sanders. Hear the full story (below), along with some more from MGK!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Would you co-habitat with a group of ghosts?! Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Megan Fox/Instagram]

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