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Why Meghan Markle Feels ‘Incredibly Conflicted’ Over Princess Catherine Photoshop Controversy

Meghan Markle Feels ‘Incredibly Conflicted’ Over Princess Catherine Photoshop Controversy

Meghan Markle has some complex emotions about what’s going on across the pond with the royal family!

You know by now that Kensington Palace announced in January that the Princess of Wales had a “planned abdominal surgery” and would not return to her royal duties until after Easter. Amid recovery, people began creating wild theories online about her whereabouts when they realized no one had seen her since December. To end the speculation — or at least attempt to — she posted a family portrait on social media of her and her three children in honor of Mother’s Day. But that quickly backfired when people noticed the photo was severely photoshopped. Plus, major photo agencies issued a “kill notice” since it was too “manipulated.”

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Kate apologized last week for the mishap, stating that “like many amateur photographers,” she does “occasionally experiment with editing.” However, that did nothing to end people’s concerns about her well-being or the conspiracy theories. And it doesn’t help that the place refuses to release the original pic.

While all of this has played out, Meghan apparently has been paying very close attention to the drama. And her reaction to the whole situation? Royal expert Christopher Andersen told Fox Digital that she feels “incredibly conflicted” right now! Why? Undoubtedly, the Duchess of Sussex has a ton of sympathy for her sister-in-law amid her health issue. The King: The Life of King Charles III author explained:

“Meghan, in particular, must be incredibly conflicted about all the incoming heat Kate and the royals are taking, not to mention the way the palace … continues to bungle things on a daily basis. On one hand, Meghan had to be sympathetic about all the stress Kate is going through as she copes with a serious medical issue.

However, at the same time, he believes Meghan must be thinking “I told you so” about how much of a hot “mess” the palace media machine is in light of the horrendous way they’ve handled the Photoshop controversy so far! Christopher said:

“On the other hand, the palace media machine has never been more exposed for what it is: a complete mess, a total disaster.”

You can say that again! LOLz! As you may recall, Meghan and Prince Harry have been very critical in the past about how the Firm handled her struggles with mental health and suicidal thoughts while working as a senior royal. When the former actress asked for help, she allegedly had been turned down. Given her own experiences with the royal institution, she can relate to what’s happened with Kate. Christopher continued:

“Meghan and Harry know what it’s like to wake up and see those screaming tabloid headlines targeting them for one thing or another. In [the couple’s] case, they were pilloried for, among other things, saying too much. In the royal family’s case, it’s for not saying enough about the medical crisis being faced by Kate.”

The royal author went on to say that the “uncalled-for secrecy” surrounding Catherine has only increased “the public’s distrust of the monarchy and, by extension, the royal family itself,” adding:

“It’s all gotten so out of hand. [Markle] echoed the late Princess Diana’s distrust of the power brokers inside the monarchy. Now it seems that even Kate, who has always seemed to handle the pressure with effortless grace, is falling victim to palace intrigue and an inept press office.”

Oof. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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