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Princess Catherine Speaks Out After Photo Agencies Issue Kill Notice For Heavily 'Manipulated' Family Photo!!

Princess Catherine Speaks Out After Photo Agencies Issue Kill Notice For Heavily 'Manipulated' Family Photo!!

Princess Catherine is speaking out after her latest photo has caused SO. MUCH. CONTROVERSY!!!

To celebrate the UK’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, Kate Middleton released a new photo in which she sat surrounded by her loving kids. It was the first official photo released of her since her abdominal surgery, and her first personal statement since her lengthy recovery and the secrecy surrounding her health launched a myriad of conspiracy theories online. Unfortunately, it all took a turn for the worse when fans noticed many strange things with the photo, and claimed it had been photoshopped and/or AI-generated!

Perhaps the most crazy plot twist? It’s not just fans who are concerned anymore!

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Quickly after the picture was released, The Associated Press and other major photo agencies released a “kill notice,” informing editors and other clients to immediately remove and stop using the photo from their database — because it appeared TOO “manipulated”! Kill notices are incredibly rare because they call the org’s credibility into question, so the fact that they sent one out on a photo the Princess of Wales released herself is WILD!

Explaining the drama further, the company told NBC News in a statement:

The Associated Press initially published the photo, which was issued by Kensington Palace. The AP later retracted the image because at closer inspection, it appears that the source had manipulated the image in a way that did not meet AP’s photo standards. The photo shows an inconsistency in the alignment of Princess Charlotte‘s left hand.”

Specifically, the cuff of the 8-year-old’s sweater is the most obviously photoshopped portion of the pic. There’s literally a missing piece of the red clothing! See (below):

In light of this shocking decision by photo agencies and the rampant rumors about the poor editing job, the 42-year-old future queen was forced to issue her second statement! In it, she took full responsibility for the photoshop fail! She claimed via a post on X (Twitter) on Monday morning:

“Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C”


So, first they wanted us to believe that Prince William (who was not in the portrait) snapped the photo even though it was clearly a very staged, professionally shot pic. But now they want us to think that a woman in the midst of a seemingly grueling health issue is editing her family photos during her recovery?! Guess it’s better than dragging a team member under the bus. But it’s hard to believe that with all those resources at their disposal, Kate would be the one doing this! Just saying!

There’s also this:


Also, it’s really not uncommon for celebs to photoshop or edit pictures these days, and minor editing isn’t against The Associated Press‘ photo guidelines. It’s changes that substantially alter the original scene and the “authentic nature of the photograph” that aren’t acceptable. This means they think Kensington Palace went above and beyond to mislead the public! Oof!!

The big question now is why go through the trouble of photoshop in the first place?? What were they trying to hide? Sound OFF with your theories (below)!

[Image via MEGA/Avalon/WENN]

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