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Michael Vartan Admits To Drew Barrymore He Got Aroused During THAT Iconic Never Been Kissed Scene! 

Michael Vartan Had 'Feelings' For Drew Barrymore During Never Been Kissed Kissing Scene

It was a Never Been Kissed reunion for the ages on The Drew Barrymore Show Tuesday!

Drew Barrymore gathered her former co-stars for a get-together, welcoming David Arquette (who showed up in costume!), Molly Shannon, and Michael Vartan onto her talk show. Together, they reminisced about their 1999 rom-com Never Been Kissed, which featured Barrymore as Josie, a newspaper reporter who enrolls in high school to research a story but ends up falling for her teacher, Mr. Coulson (AKA Vartan). Spoiler alert: in the final moments of the film, the duo embrace for one of the most romantic and passionate kisses ever!

Turns out, the chemistry wasn’t just an act! Michael was feeling some time of way too — and he admitted it to Drew for the very first time on national television. LOLz!

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After the friends arrived for the Season 2 premiere episode, they decided to watch that iconic kissing scene together, which had Vartan getting into his feels. He shared:

“I’ve got to say I haven’t seen that clip in years and standing there I got emotional. This movie has been a huge part of my life. Every time I am stopped it’s always, Never Been Kissed. That’s a pretty amazing thing to be a part of and this reunion is just wonderful.”

The Charlie’s Angels alum then asked if the 52-year-old had any specific memories of filming the flick together. And he did! The French-American actor sheepishly teased:

“Yeah, there’s a story about the famous scene that very few people know about and I’m not sure I should…”

But of course, he did share the juicy behind-the-scenes deets! The Alias lead continued:

“So, I get up to the mound, we embrace and we start kissing, and you really kissed me. I mean, you really kissed me. I was not ready for it in the least and I’m a man, I was a very young man back then, and I had uh, feelings.”

OMG! Too funny! As you can imagine, the Mother-in-Law actor, who was just 29 at the time, was super worried his leading lady, or anyone on set for that matter, might catch sight of his… well, feelings (as she so delicately put it). About to have the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction of his life, he decided to create a distraction, continuing:

“The feelings were, they just happened, and I very quickly realized I was in a very bad spot because I was wearing very loose sort of like slacks and I thought, ‘This is going to be a disaster when they cut, I must preemptively end this.’ So what I did, in a panic, I just yelled cut, and bent over and said, ‘Oh guys, sorry, my back, I put my back out playing ball.’… Anyway, I went off into my corner.”

After settling himself down while thinking “horrible thoughts,” he returned and was able to finish the scene, saying:

“Finally I was able to compose myself, and luckily the subsequent scenes went on without a hitch. You are a very good kisser.”

There was really no need for him to be embarrassed because the 50 First Dates performer seemed giddy while hearing the story. Could she have been hoping for that kind of reaction the whole time? Maybe. The mom of two explained she purposefully didn’t hold anything back when locking lips with her hunky co-star, laughing:

“Well thank you and, you know, you weren’t married at the time, so yeah, I went for it because you were single and I felt like I wasn’t going to offend anybody.”


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Turns out Michael had Drew melting during that kiss too! She shared that he did something that’s “ultimate in romance in a kiss, which is when you put your hands on a woman’s face.” See her discuss that in the full clip (below)!

Can you imagine if these two had taken their obvious IRL chemistry (which, by the way, feels very much alive today) off-screen?! Would U have loved that??

By the way, there’s lots more Never Been Kissed content coming soon, since Barrymore has been super inspired to step back into her character Josie’s shoes. She told ET she plans to do that by taking the fictional reporter to movie junkets to interview celebs, gushing:

“Stepping back into Josie Grossie’s shoes is so easy. I don’t think I have ever not been in her shoes. I loved this character so much. She was so personal for me. This whole story for me was not to do another rom-com, it was to embody a human being that represents us all. How and when do we become OK with ourselves? That is what Never Been Kissed is all about.”

So get excited, Perezcious readers! Who knows, maybe Vartan can tag along for some of those adventures!? As long as he can keep his cool… Thoughts?? Let us know (below).

[Image via Moveclips/YouTube & Nicky Nelson/WENN/FayesVision]

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