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Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger Would Have Gotten Back Together, Says BFF

Michelle Williams Heath Ledger Relationship Busy Philipps

If we had not tragically lost Heath Ledger so young, would he and Michelle Williams have gotten back together??
The couple split after three years of dating, and just five months later, Heath was gone.
Now in her memoir, Michelle’s BFF (and their daughter Matilda‘s godmother) Busy Philipps reveals what she thought was happening from her up-close-and-personal POV.
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In This Will Only Hurt A Little, she writes of the breakup:

“He and Michelle were in the process of separating at that point, and I felt sad for both of them but weirdly like something would be figured out and it wasn’t the end of the story for them.
They were so young and that baby was the light of both of their lives. They were just working all the time and it was complicated. S**t is always complicated. Especially when you’re twenty-eight. And movies stars. With a baby.”

Sadly, things became all too final in 2008 when the Dark Knight star took a fatal cocktail of prescription drugs.
So now it’s all just wondering about what could have been…
Michelle has finally, thankfully, found happiness. She quietly married singer-songwriter Phil Elverum earlier this year.
Do YOU ever wonder what if??
[Image via Z. Tomaszewski/WENN.]

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