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Miley Is Good For Business

The Miley Cyrus frenzy continues, and it’s a win-win situation it seems.
Miley has received excessive media coverage, bringing her name into households everywhere.
We’re getting sick talking about her!!!!
As for the magazine responsible for the “racy” photo shoo, Vanity Fair‘s website was so overwhelmed with millions of people logging on to view the photos, that the site crashed Monday.
It also had over four million people visit the site that day, about half of the traffic gets in one day. Ha!
Obviously people care about Slutty Cyrus!
And the photos continue to to get reactions out of everyone. (See below)
As for Miley and her parents, a source said that “Her parents are mortified. A situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old.”
Yea, riiiiiight.
V.F. also manipulated the parents and adults repping Miley? Puh-lease.
It was a shoot for Vanity Fair, not Tiger Beat.

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Apr 29, 2008 15:00pm PDT

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