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Mom-To-Be Finds Husband Dead On Morning Of Her Planned C-Section To Deliver Their Baby

Mom-To-Be Finds Husband Dead On Morning Of Her C-Section

A mother-to-be was left shocked and alone after her husband unexpectedly passed away on the morning of her planned c-section to deliver their baby. And it was allegedly all due to senseless negligence…

On June 7, 2023, Manchester resident Rebecca Moss experienced a horror hardly anyone could imagine. The English woman was 39 weeks pregnant and all scheduled to have a c-section and deliver her baby that day, but when she came into the living room around 5:15 that morning, the day became anything but exciting. She recalled to several outlets that she walked up to her partner Thomas Gibson (not to be confused with the actor of the same name) and said:

“Wake up, it’s baby day!”

It’s only when she touched him that she realized he was “cold and stiff” and had died unexpectedly during his sleep. The poor mother-to-be told Stockport Coroner’s Court about it on Tuesday, per multiple outlets:

“I called [911] immediately. They asked me to pull Tom onto the floor and perform chest compressions. I started chest compressions until the ambulance arrived. The shock, trauma, and not to mention the physical exertion of having to pull Tom off the couch and perform chest compressions at 39 weeks pregnant was overwhelming.”

Heartbreaking! While remembering her “caring, charming, and funny” husband, Moss told the court:

“He won’t be there for any of her birthdays. He won’t ever be there on Christmas morning, and he won’t be there on Father’s Day. Harper will instead visit her dad’s grave when she’s old enough to understand. We say good night to his picture every night before bed and she has a quilt which has been made from his favorite jumpers. Tom will live on through his daughter but that doesn’t change the fact that he should still be here with us today.”

So, so sad. The amount of pain this family is going through is unimaginable…

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Gibson was reportedly very fit, according to those who knew him. He had a job in a timber yard, and didn’t have any medical struggles that were known before he suddenly got sick. Reports say he was experiencing a really bad stomach bug for around three weeks before he decided to go the local Wythenshawe Hospital for some tests. There, just ten days before his death, physicians gave him an electrocardiogram (ECG) where there were some troubling results…

According to BBC, a doctor in training noticed a potential artery blockage on the test results, and quickly whisked them over to their supervisor Dr. Thomas Bull. The senior doctor said the abnormality seen in the results was likely something called an intraventricular blockage — which isn’t super serious or “uncommon.” Dr. Bull told courts on Tuesday:

“I advised if there’s no heart symptoms generally then that would not require any investigation at this time.”

The doc then told Gibson to come back if he was still dealing with his stomach bug the next week. Sadly, this advisory would lead to the father-to-be’s sudden and unexpected death. When the scans were reevaluated later on, they actually revealed a TOTAL heart block — which can cause sudden cardiac arrest and even death. During the hearing, Dr. Bull admitted to this huge and tragic oversight:

“I can see now, in retrospect and in hindsight, there is abnormalities over and above those I could see present.”

Infuriating!! That just isn’t something to miss. And a hospital consultant completely agrees! Dr. Matthew Thornber told The Independent this isn’t just a little oversight — it should’ve been obvious:

“This is not a barn door easy miss.”

And now this poor woman and her child have to live without their beloved father. Absolutely gut-wrenching.

Luckily, lawyers on the family’s side revealed that Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust did fully admit to negligent medical care for Gibson before he passed. It won’t bring him back, but at least they’re closer to getting justice.

We can’t imagine what Rebecca and that baby and all of Thomas’ loved ones are going through right now. May he rest in peace.

[Image via Thomas Gibson/Facebook]

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