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More Junky Confessions!


Did he get paid for this???? Probably.

Junky needed more money for drugs!

The Mirror is stretching out their exclusive interview with Pete Doherty into two parts.

Here are some LOWlights from their second piece on Doperty:

– “The last drugs we did together was the coke in the recording studio when you filmed us. After that, she went into rehab in Arizona and came out a different woman.”

– “Kate was determined to sort her life out and has done. She doesn’t mind the odd spliff but won’t go back down the route of the hard stuff. And she certainly won’t let me do drugs in her house.”

– “Drugs are a big no-no for her now. All she wants is to be a good mum to her kid.”

– “She was driven and tried to help me out. Her dream was for us to be a normal, happy couple like any other. I guess my drug problem has destroyed that. You don’t know how much you’ve lost until it’s gone. I’ve been a bit of a idiot.”

– “She could do without the foolhardy junkies around her, doing rash things and endangering everything she’s worked fucking hard to get. So I’ve got a bit to think about and need to sort myself out.”

– “I wasn’t the model boyfriend, was I? I wasn’t too popular. Let’s just say some of her friends were particularly Frosty.”

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Jul 31, 2007 08:39am PDT

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