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Mom Begged Missing Daughter Not To Go On Camping Trip With Ex-Boyfriend: 'I Knew Something Was Wrong'

Jill Sidebotham nick hansen pictured on facebook

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A woman who was warned by her mother not to go on a camping trip with her ex-boyfriend has been missing for almost two weeks.

According to reports, Nicholas Hansen (above, right) asked his ex Jill Sidebotham (above, left) to bring their 2-year-old daughter Lydia (above, right) on a camping trip with him at the end of June. The group was last seen at a Walmart in Maine on July 2, and Jill’s phone has been turned off since June 28.

Now police are looking for the trio, along with loved ones who are reeling over the sudden disappearance. While police haven’t indicated that the family is in any danger, family members fear otherwise — as it was recently revealed in a family Facebook post that Jill’s mom urged the 28-year-old not to go on the trip in the first place.

Jill’s dad Ron Sidebotham told the Boston Globe:

“My wife said she tried to stop her but [Jill] said it would be fine.”

Jill and Lydia were supposed to return on June 30, but loved ones have been unable to contact them. Hansen has had no signal since June 29, and his sister Kris Martin told the Globe that she’s worried little Lydia is by herself.

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Jill’s mom wasn’t the only one who questioned the sudden trip. Corey Alexander, who’s been dating Jill for over three years, said the outing was “unexpected and makes zero sense.” He wrote in a Facebook group dedicated to the case:

“Our relationship is perfect and has a strong foundation. She never hid anything from me. So the fact that she said nothing and just up and left without a word is very out of place and not like her. We have never hid anything from each other. Our bond has been unbreakable.”

Jill’s boyfriend told the Globe he grew suspicious when she didn’t respond to his texts on July 1. He shared:

“I knew something was wrong, something in my gut was just telling me that this isn’t right.”

Meanwhile, Jill’s 10-year-old son Brayden Sidebotham Farmer is reportedly hanging on by a thread mentally. Ron told

“He’s such a good boy, for him to be snapping like he has the past couple of days is out of character for him.”

Sanford Police Lt. Matthew Gagné said that while police are searching for the trio, who are traveling in a silver 2005 Volkswagen Jetta ME, officers don’t believe they are in any real peril. He said:

“They were buying food items, and there did not appear to be anything nefarious or criminal.”

Clearly, Jill’s loved ones disagree — but we can only hope the police are right about this one.

[Image via Facebook]

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