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What a Crazy Face!
Robert Francis, a 31 year old homeless man with a Colgate smile from St. Louis, has been charged with first-degree murder.
Francis was charged Monday with the murder of his cell mate over the weekend, by strangling him to death.
The victim was dead upon arrival at a St Louis hospital.
Both Francis and the victim were arrested on Friday and waiting for their court appearances on Monday.
According to the city’s Public Safety Director, Charles Bryson, it is often routine for two inmates to share a cell.
Bryson said, “I don’t know if the person snapped, or if there had been an escalation throughout the day.” There was no apparent knowledge of any history between Francis and the victim.
“I don’t want any death on my watch. Frankly, it’s disturbing,” adds Bryson.
Attorney John Wallach added, “What we’ve been hearing is that the justice center is not a safe place. Whether people have to spend hours in there or weeks, the level of support and care, even for people who are in for minor matters, is abysmal.”
R.I.P. dude.
That homeless fella needs some serious psychiatric help.
He’s about to get it – and lots of it!

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Apr 28, 2008 19:15pm PDT