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Narimene: The Making Of A Modern Female Entrepreneur

Alyssa Narimene

What makes an exceptional woman?

A real, strong woman in the modern age? 

Women who rose up through great adversity to achieve status and fame for their accomplishments. These women run the show as women have a sharp sense, intelligence and eye for detail. These are female business leaders, innovative women who cut and carve their own path. Women of fame like Estee Lauder, Arianna Huffington, Diane von Furstenberg, and now, Narimene. 

Alyssa Narimene
(c) FAME


What makes her an exceptional leader?

She’s blunt, straight to the point, and direct in her approach toward business. She is who she is, and that is what makes her a master of her work. When she has a vision, she does not compromise. When she has a goal, she doesn’t back down. She does not surrender. She chooses her partners; they don’t win her over. She’s someone who can’t be pushed down because all she does is lift herself up.

Alyssa Narimene

(c) FAME

But, she wasn’t born this way.

She became this way. Her parents split up when she was young, and her mother worked hard to raise her alone. She learned the difficulties of life early on, realizing that despite the brilliance or importance of a single person, if one worked hard, one would never be pushed down. She worked so hard that, after immigrating to the United States from Tunisia, she graduated from Wharton Business School, an Ivy League school in Philadelphia, solidifying her undeniable path toward entrepreneurship.

Alyssa Narimene

(c) FAME

She has grand dreams and even grander vision, incorporating fashion, luxury and real estate. Her passions are what lead her, but not what control her. Resilience and ambition are qualities that Narimene possesses which allow her to navigate her bold pursuits. She loves fashion, so she designs and models. She loves film, so she acts and produces. She loves luxury, so she chooses the places where her best aesthetics come together. Find her at the Faena Hotel in Miami to see what she’s all about. Cheetah print, gold and black, and striking red – the design emulates the fierce nature of Narimene.

Narimene has given her good grace and charm to major brands the world over and has gone on to lend her inspiration to her own luxury brand project as well. She’s simply unstoppable, so either get behind her or get out of her way!

Narimene: Dress To Impress and Let the Fantasy Unfold

Alyssa Narimene

(c) FAME

Narimene Amami knows what it takes to run with the elite. An Ivy League Graduate, female entrepreneur and rising social superstar, ’Narimene’ is the name that will be synonymous with fantasy, beauty and intrigue. But, she didn’t get there overnight. Being raised by a single mother, she learned early on how hard life can be, especially for women. In order to succeed Narimene realized she had to rise above and be tougher than anyone who crossed her path. 

Both of her parents were doctors, encouraging and emphasizing the importance of academics to Narimene. She read a variety of French literature, delving into the works of Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, Albert Camus and Honoré de Balzac. However, Narimene aspired to do something different with her life, as she excited in the thrill of a new venture, building businesses from the ground up! She has her own way of helping that is uniquely and independently, Her. She knows that being perceived and seen as the best starts, and for many people ends, with what they see. Narimene is a woman who takes charge of her fashion, story and destiny. 

Alyssa Narimene

Narimene embraces a life of boldness and authenticity, and by leading the way, she inspires as she pursues her dreams. She has a story in her wardrobe, a story of hard work and dedication to a strict and simple attitude that is, at the same time, luxurious and elegant. She wears the best of all her brands and gives careful attention to matching moods from her shoes to her shoulders. Dresses need high heels, for pain is beauty and the pleasure of indulgent glamor ignites Narimene’s passionate soul. 

She knows the value of beauty, building intrigue and the dedication it takes to make a fantasy become a reality. As a successful entrepreneur, she has access to all the latest up and coming fashion industry greats. But her goal is farther reaching than just keeping the good stuff for herself. As an expert on branding and marketing, she has developed an eye for what looks good on and off the showcase floor. 

That’s why she launched her brand, La Maleo. Using her expertise and experience in brand marketing and consultation services in promoting luxury lifestyles, Narimene’s company proves that quality is of the utmost importance in both affordability and luxury. She advises, brands and executes market strategies, also offering her unique eye for detail and photography, creating a beautiful branding experience for all companies who use her services. Narimene’s vision and design relates to how she perceives and enjoys fashion. Her eye for sleek and pristine designs from clothing to home decor to real estate, adds a touch of sophistication and elevates everything she creates.

Narimene creates a world that is unlike any, and she offers the services to indulge and surround others in the fantasy.

[Main Image by Saso Domijan]

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