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Why Natalie Portman Will Never Show Her Boobs In A Movie!

Natalie Portman Will Not Show Boobs Movie

Sorry, folks. Natalie Portman doesn’t plan on ever going topless in a movie.

The May December star stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show, and played a round of Pop Quiz. Natalie’s fellow former child star asked her “one thing you’d never do for a role,” and the Oscar winner’s answer was pretty reasonable. She said:

“Um… show my boobs? Is that really prude?”

Drew assured her it wasn’t, but Natalie felt like she needed to explain. Why won’t she do movie nudity? Simple. She’s a mom! She said:

“I’m just always like, ‘I don’t want my kids to see pictures online.'”

Yeah, it’s a good point. Or heck, the kids might even eventually see them in the movie if it’s good or ubiquitous enough. Kate Winslet‘s kids are definitely going to see her boobs at some point when they watch Titanic. Wasn’t she a dish, they’ll be asked as they die of embarrassment, we assume! LOLz!

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But the internet is a trickier one that just the movie. Natalie’s son and daughter, Aleph and Amalia, are now 12 and 6. It won’t be too long before they might stumble across nude photos on the internet on accident! And there are tons of really innocent reasons to google image search their mom, which would make it even harder to avoid!

Drew, who showed her own boobs in a few ’90s movies, once on David Letterman, and even in Playboy, quipped:

“I didn’t know there’d be an ‘online’ when I did it. I was like, ‘Good luck finding that magazine under some weird guy’s bed in some random house!’ But no judgment, darlings.”

Ha! See more of her interview that aired on Tuesday (below)!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Would you be too scared of your kids seeing your boobs to ever go topless for an awesome movie role?

[Image via The Drew Barrymore Show/Columbia Pictures/YouTube.]

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