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Nick Hogan Becomes The First Male Celebrity To Be Hacked For Nude Photos!

Oh no!
A bevy of female celebrities have been the victims of a high profile iCloud hacking scandal that has released many nude photos of many stars.
However, the damage had been done entirely to women until now!
Nick Hogan, the son of Hulk Hogan, is now the first male celebrity to have his photos leaked to the public, and the early reports is that the 24-year-old star had A LOT of photos that are now out there on the internet!
It wasn’t just Nick who has suffered though with this latest news as many of the photos feature Nick and other ladies in various sexual positions – as well as the obligatory peen pics.
The weirdest photos from this hack however definitely belong to the ones that Nick had of his mother Linda Hogan that appeared to have her bending over in a thong and displaying her butt. However Nick is apparently saying those photos were NOT in HIS iCloud!
He’s also claiming that some other photos – like one particular peen pic – was not his, as well!
However while Nick is the first male celebrity to be targeted, there were photos of a naked Justin Verlander, a professional baseball pitcher, but those were targeted mainly for Kate Upton who was also in the picture with him.
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Maybe the most horrible part of this latest scandal is that some of the photos featured Nick’s girlfriends from his high school years, and thus the girls in these photos were underage at the time.
Which Nick believes puts the hackers in even more legal jeopardy since they’re “playing with fire because they constitute child porn.”
We definitely agree that these hackers need to stop, and if they don’t – they SHOULD face the legal consequences!
Whether or not they are brought to justice though is another matter entirely!
[Image via DJDM/WENN.]

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Oct 05, 2014 18:48pm PDT

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