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Oscars 2018: All The Viral Moments!

jennifer garner meme now oscars 2018
With so much star power in one room, we knew SOMETHING memorable would go down.
And, thanks to Twitter, all of the noteworthy moments from this year’s Oscars have been documented online. No, really!!
Photos: All The Oscars Red Carpet Fashion!
Case in point, Jennifer Garner got the GIF treatment, when she seemingly came to an epiphany during the ceremony. Specifically, Ben Affleck‘s ex was seen clapping with the rest of the audience, when her hands noticeably stopped moving and an “OMG” look crept upon her face. LOLz.
Be sure to ch-ch-check out ALL the viral moments from the show for yourself (below)!!
Jennifer Garner Realizes Something Mid-Award Show

Animals Got Some Love At The Academy Awards
A couple animals got shout outs during the Oscars. Special effects make-up artist Kazuhiro Tsuji kicked things off when he made sure to thank his cats while accepting the Best Makeup and Hairstyling award for his work on Darkest Hour. Later on, Allison Janney thanked “a cast and crew and bird that elevated [her] work” during her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech.

A Totally Unnecessary Tribute To Movies
An hour into the award show’s broadcast, the Academy decided to air a movie montage in order to celebrate the organization’s 90th birthday. Sadly, the footage wasn’t super enjoyable, as it served no real purpose. But hey, Hollywood celebrating Hollywood isn’t a SHOCKING thing — just extra AF.

Kobe Bryant‘s Win Was Not Celebrated Online
Amid the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, it seemed crazy that Kobe walked away an Oscar winner this year. In case you forgot, Bryant — who won for Best Animated Short for the film Dear Basketball — was arrested in ’03 for sexual assault after he was hit with rape claims by a hotel staffer. Ultimately, the criminal charges were dropped and Kobe settled the matter out of court.

Gary From Chicago Was MIA — And The World Took Notice
Host Jimmy Kimmel certainly tried to recreate the viral Gary from Chicago moment from last year’s Oscars, as he brought Gal Gadot, Ansel Elgort, Emily Blunt, and others to visit with unsuspecting movie watchers at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. In an attempt to incorporate the elated fans who were surprised with A-listers, Jimmy brought up Mike Young from Lake Elsinore to introduce Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph.
Unfortunately, Mr. Young did NOT leave a lasting impression…

Tiffany Haddish Recycles A Look For The Oscars
Tiffany is without a doubt the most relatable celeb out there right now. We mean, we just LOVED seeing Miz Haddish in the white Alexander McQueen dress she wore on Saturday Night Live AND to her Girls Trip premiere. The comedienne has previously joked that she spent “a lot of money on this dress” (priced at $4,000 gown). Get your money’s worth, girl!!

Frances McDormand Celebrates All Women In Her Acceptance Speech
During such an empowering show, it only seemed right that France McDormand celebrated all women in the industry amid her Best Actress acceptance speech. (She also gave a special shout out to Olympian Chloe Kim too). Unsurprisingly, Twitter has since rallied around the A-lister’s battle cry!
Be sure to watch the speech AND take a look at the reactions (below).

What did YOU think?? Did you have a favorite moment??
SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!!
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